Awesome! Celebrities attend MCHOICE 2023 with MINT AWARDS, awards for New Generation people.


Gathering all the excitement into the event MCHOICE 2023 with the announcement of the awards MINT AWARDS 2023 From the magazine Mint Emphasizing its status as a source of all content for the new generation. This event is packed with surprise shows and fashion shows from Thai designer brand VATANIKA and leading Korean brand NOHANT along with many top artists. Join the red carpet walk at Royal Paragon Hall, 5th floor, Siam Paragon.

This work Mr. Krit Jirakiatwattana Managing Director of Kong 24 Company Limited, founder of MCHOICE and editor-in-chief of Mint magazine, said, “As the organizer of the event We aim to create awareness in order to enter the minds of as many new generations as possible. Therefore, it builds on the success of MCHOICE, which is the biggest event of the year that brings together all the greats of this generation. with presentation Content that reaches Millennials, a group that we are good at, have connections to, and are a group that is very influential today. Therefore, this special event is packed with artists, stars, actors, and famous people from various circles. that is in the flow Let’s come together in this event. Along with a special show that will serve you lots of fun. It really resonated with the fans as well.”

side Ms. Soraya Wattanajiamwong Publisher, Co-Founder of Mint Magazine added: “To reinforce the authenticity of all content sources for the new generation. We therefore organized the MINT AWARDS 2023 announcement to give awards to famous artists who have a Fanbase and have worked with Mint magazine. The two awards, Best Cover of the Year and Rookie of the Year, have given readers and fans the opportunity to Everyone participates in the decision. Ready to add awards in other categories according to the interests of the target group and create engagement for the magazine at the same time.”

As for the atmosphere at the event, it was lively from the moment the doors opened to welcome fans to come and rub shoulders with their favorite artists through many activities such as Mchoice’s Market, which brings together brands of products from artists and performers, super fun activity booths from sponsors, A mini-concert from the band Evening Sunday and the biggest moment that everyone has been waiting for with a red carpet walk from an army of artists led by Taewanathaporn, Matt Peeranee, Alek Theeradej, Bow Melada, Klu. F Kanawut, Toey Jarinphon, Nai Napat, Ryu Wachirawit, Phi Phi Krit, Bigin Puttipong, Bright Wachirawit, 789 Trainee, LYKN , PROXIE, ATLAS etc.

And here comes the important highlight of the event tonight with the announcement of the MINT AWARDS 2023, which includes the Popular Vote award that gives readers and fans the opportunity to Everyone participates in judging through the website. and the Mint Choice award given to artists who have worked with Mint magazine as follows:

Best Cover of the Year, the Mint magazine cover that readers liked the most in the past 1 year. Award winners include:

  • Mint Magazine Vol.16 C-Pruek Panich and Nunew-Chawarin Perit Piriyawong

Rookie of the Year The hottest new star of the year Award winners include:

  • Jamie Nine-Norrawit Thiticaroenrak

Breakthrough Cast of The Year Award for a group of actors from the same series with follower numbers and total Engagement has increased phenomenally on all social media platforms. Until it became more widely known in an outstanding way Since the day the series aired Award winners include:

  • MY SCHOOL PRESIDENT My girlfriend is the student council president.

Entertainment Program of The Year, the best work of the year worth watching. During the broadcast, it created a stir until it had phenomenally high viewership and engagement numbers. Award winners include:

  • 789 SURVIVAL
  • MY SCHOOL PRESIDENT My girlfriend is the student council president.

The Inspiration Award: Award for artists who are inspired by their success in work. Award winners include:

  • PP-Krit Amnuaydechkorn and Biwkin-Putthipong Assaratanakul
  • My – Pakpoom Romsaithong and Apo – Natthawin Wattanakitipat
  • Tent-Chitaphon Leechaipornkul

Phenomenon of the Year, creator of the talk of the town phenomenon Award winners include:

There was also a surprise performance from Bright Vachirawit in the songs Who am I and Try ft. Matcha Mosimann, Phi Phi Krit and the band PROXIE who came in the songs Fire Boy and Kon Mai Khui, Non Kornphat with the band LYKN, Jaeminine Norawit, Four Natthawat and the cast of the series MY SCHOOL PRESIDENT, along with Nene Phonphan, Nunew Chawarin. T, ATLAS band

And be dazzled by the fashion show from the Korean brand NOHANT, a popular brand popular with K-pop Idols that comes with a full army of models. Ending with the Thai designer brand VATANIKA, which has Bikin Putthipong join in to complete the show. With a finale from Bow Melada and Daning Kanyawee, it’s a full event of the year that everyone has been waiting for…

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