Biography of “My Thanaporn Rattanasasiwimon”, young net idol, leading to a sexy role in “Comedy 69 The Series”


Opening the warp of the history of “My Thanaporn Rattanasasiwimon” from a former innocent net idol to a hot role and showing off her plump and sexy body in “Comedy 69 The Series”

Invite you to look at the actor’s warp “My Thanaporn Rattanasasiwimon” or “My Harem” Thai actress Has a history of working as a net idol with a chubby face and a plump body. Ready to crush the young man’s heart before turning himself into the role of “Pussy” Charming girl from the Netflix series “Comedy69 The Series” (Comedy 69 The series) which was adapted from the famous movie of the same name. “Funny story 69” (6ixtynin9) last year 1999

In this regard, “Comedy 69 The Series” has also changed the atmosphere within the story to be consistent with the current social conditions. while maintaining the original content But the story of some characters may be expanded to have more origins and dimensions.

Including the use of a completely new set of actors. In addition to getting a girl New-Davika Horne who plays the role of “bob” The main character of the story There is also another supporting actor worth keeping an eye on. “My-Thanaporn Rattanasiwimon” The person who plays the role of “Pussy” A girl with a beautiful, charming body that comes with a body that is too seductive to resist the hearts of young men

Moreover, the real person of My Harem (My Thanaporn) is a former sexy net idol. With a figure that shows a beautiful, model-level figure. Has a famous work in the series “Giggle Out The Series”, a teen drama. that have been broadcast online on YouTube in the past

It’s called being this famous. The White Team, The Thaiger, has compiled a history of work. and various social media channels of My Harem girls for everyone to follow their work. If you’re ready, come in and read here.

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Biography of “My Thanaporn Rattanasasiwimon” / “My Harem”

record “My Thanaporn Rattanasasiwimon” has the nickname “My Harem Yuli” or “My harem” (Haremmine) born on May 12, 1997, currently 26 years old, weight 53 kilograms, height 155 centimeters, graduated from high school at Buriram Pittayakhom School and study at the bachelor’s degree level at Bangkok University, International Department, born into a Thai-Chinese family.

IG haremminee

Currently, My-Thanaporn Rattanasasiwimon has the opportunity to play the role of “Jim”, a beautiful woman who uses her sexy body to benefit her life. and is the boyfriend of a young secret service policeman like “Jon” played by “Man-Thasanu Soranan” in “Comedy 69 The Series” which is showing today on the Netflix platform. (Netflix)

It can be said that the lottery is returning to the entertainment industry again. After Mai used to be famous for being a new actor from “Giggle Out The Series,” a YouTube teen drama, is similar to a sitcom. and received sexy photoshoots for famous magazines in the past

History of work “My Harem”

My Harem or My Thanaporn Rattanasiwimon is another actress who has many works including acting, MCing, modeling, and advertising work as follows:


  • Television drama “Falling in the Devil’s Heart” on PPTV HD and LINE TV
  • Television drama “Hair with bangs”

Master of ceremonies

  • “Variety 3 Sides” program on PPTV HD channel
  • “Trendsetter” program, mobile reporter segment on True4U channel

Modeling work

  • Candy magazine, April 2014 issue
  • In Magazine issue, September 10, 2014
  • Spicy Magazine
  • Seventeen magazine, October 2014
  • HUG BURIRAM Magazine February 2016
  • F3 magazine, Raengtawan cover, June 2016
  • Mangu Magazine Issue 15 September 2016


  • Presenter contact lenses pretty doll
  • Thanachart Bank campaign advertising DriveDDunited

She also received the ESP Coolest Girl and Seventeen best girl power in social media awards from the Seventeen ambassador contest 2014.

Reference: Facebook Thanaporn Rattanasasiwimon, IG haremminee

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