Former senator Bie the Senate voted to support ‘Net Idol’ 14 million votes


Former senators with former Bangkok governor candidates crushed the EC, announcing the endorsement of MPs as soon as possible, announcing support for ‘Pitha’ sitting in the prime minister’s position, provoking the upper house, do not violate the consensus of the people

May 26, 2023 – At the Office of the Election Commission of Thailand (EC), Mr. Thanet Wongsa, former candidate for governor of Bangkok and Mr. Ekarin Nilsawat, a former senator from Trang in 2006, came to submit a letter to the Election Commission to announce the election results as soon as possible. for Thailand to move forward

Mr. Thanet said he supported Mr. Phitha. Lim Charoenrat was the 30th Prime Minister because the Kao Klai Party was elected as number one. It is considered a public opinion that has voted for the leader of the party to move forward to become prime minister. therefore wants the Election Commission to speed up announcing the approval of the results so that Thailand can move forward as soon as possible and wants the Democratic Party And the Bhumjaithai Party shows spirits, please support Mr. Phitha as Prime Minister so as not to rely on votes. senator in support

Mr. Thanet went on to say that the vote for the Progressive Party was a natural vote. the people’s voice He chose it because he liked the policy. especially progressive liquor Volunteer to be a soldier will make Thailand progress rapidly Therefore, I would like everyone to give the new generation an opportunity to run the country. As for Mr. Phitha Being sung about holding ITV shares, he viewed it as bullying. Because scholars agree that The number of shares held is negligible. and ITV closed down No longer doing business

When asked if the Progressive Party had not been established Not the government, what to do? Mr. Thanet said it was the opposition. Which is okay for the next 4 years. He thinks that if there is an election I guarantee that the Progressive Party will definitely be able to form a one-party government.

While Mr. Ekarin said that as a former senator, he thinks that senators must respect the voice of the people, senators should not infringe on people’s opinions, voting for the prime minister should be free. election coming According to democratic principles, he should be voted Prime Minister. As Mr. Phitha is an internet idol, 14 million voices.

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