Nuclear boils, who is crazy? Take your ex-girlfriend’s name to make a gambling website after Petch Ja is linked to Dara Por.


Nuclear Fun posted a story that explains 3 things after DJ Petchja was linked to being a star, using the name of an ex-girlfriend to open a gambling website. Who said it would be crazy to use the name of an ex-boyfriend to make a website? I have been working since the age of 20.

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The case of Mr. Achariya Ruangratanapong The president of the Crime Victims Assistance Club came out to expose 2 celebrities, 1 hi-so that they were involved in a gambling website. by giving a hint about the abbreviation star Phan that he is a 40-year-old male star and already has a family before the next page twitches of albinism has issued a post about this by giving more hints about Dara Por saying that Dara Por used the name of her ex-boyfriend as a gambling website Live like a working person from morning until night. There are many businesses but the real thing behind the gambling website with the name of the ex-boyfriend as the name of the website If you don’t believe, try typing the name. The ex-boyfriend of the star abbreviated Por. in Google.

Read news: A famous page points out the target of celebrities, Por., opens a gambling website, reveals a clear hint, ex-boyfriend’s name.. Read and know!?

DJ Phet

Latest (May 25, 2023) Nuclear Hansa, ex-wife DJ Phetja, has posted a story by capturing the said news page. with a message and asking questions Why doesn’t the media filter the truth before publishing? By clarifying 3 things as follows…

1. So, who would be crazy to use the name of an ex-boyfriend to make a website?

2. Hurry up and come and check Petch so that you will know that he did not do it. Don’t let people sit and guess. It’s starting to talk a lot. The news is not true.

3. I have money. I’ve been working since I was 20. If anyone really follows me, I’ll know better.

DJ Phet
DJ Phet

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