Who is she? The female model in the concept trailer clip of ENHYPEN caught attention. In a visual similar to ‘Jeon Ji Hyun’


ENHYPEN Is coming back with music in the 4th mini album. ‘DARK BLOOD’ In the midst of waiting for the music to come out A trailer concept clip has been released. like a movie trailer Which the female lead who appeared in the clip is gaining a lot of attention.

As soon as the mini-album trailer concept clip ‘DARK BLOOD’ of ENHYPEN was released In addition to the interesting fantasy concept, fans are also interested in the girls who appear in the video clips. which when seeing her look in the clip All said in one voice that she had a similar image to famous actor Jun Ji Hyun very much in adolescence both beautiful visuals She also has a mole on her nose. In addition, there are many comments that she not only resembles Jun Ji Hyun but also reminds me of her. Minzy NewJeans And as it is mentioned more and more, many people want to know who this girl is.

Jun Ji Hyun in My Sassy Girl (2001)




This girl is named Park Ji Won She is a 20-year-old model (born in 2003) under the supervision of a model agency. ESteem which had previously appeared in commercials for Shinhan Card and McDonald’s arrived

Although her appearance in the video clip reminds many of her similarities with other celebrities, But seeing her various looks through magazine photoshoots. And for various brands in the past Including social media I believe that many people will fall in love with the beauty and charm ofPark Ji Won In her own way for sure.

for ENHYPEN Will come back with the work of the 4th mini album. ‘DARK BLOOD’ On May 22, fans are waiting to follow their work together. and can follow IG of Park Ji Won at IG : @onlyzione

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