From ‘Costco’ to ‘Tops CLUB’, ‘Warehouse-Members’ model strengthens Central Retail.

The retail world is transforming with changing consumer behavior. Technology has come to “disrupt” traditional shopping methods. especially walking into shopping centers Shopping malls are declining, more and more people are turning to online shopping with their fingertips.

But the retail giants of Thailand like “Central Retail” or Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited of the family “Chirathivat” never stop developing new models to shake the circle Including creating new experiences to attract target customers continuously

Recently, under Central Food Retail Group, proceed to open “Tops Club” Retailers that offer value-for-money products to members or models. “Membership Store” and the mall format is also “warehouse” or Warehouse That’s it, the management team emphasized that this new model is the first in the ASEAN region.

On a global scale, there is no need to guess because the Costco giant is the prototype of the model. is the store is a warehouse or distribution center but is a wholesale (Wholesale) and sells through the “Membership” system, without a membership card, cannot shop, which each year has more than “hundreds of millions of users” who use the service; “Trillion Million Baht” and the main profit “Tillion Million Baht”

September 26 The management team of Central Food Retail took the media on a tour. Tops CLUB first branch Which is located at the back of Central Plaza Rama 2 shopping center has many interesting.

Warehouse model center or Warehouse store

The first is project development. at the building’s exterior Tops CLUB is “warehouse” or a single storey distribution center Not different from Makro or various hypermarkets

When entering inside the product distribution center will see more than 3,500 products and most of them 70% are “import” from abroad At the beginning, the number is about 20 countries around the world, such as Japanese rice sent directly from Japan. Seaweed must come from South Korea. and brands of food items from the United States, fresh food such as meat from Europe, the United States, ice cream from New Zealand. Tea from South Africa, etc.

also imported brands “Exclusive” means that it is only available at Tops CLUB Only like Carmien tea from South Africa. Healthy snacks (snacks), vegetables brand DJ&A, kitchenware, Mainstays, sports equipment, Lifetime, ice cream from the famous New Zealand brand KILLINCHY GOLD and food items from the brand. KIRKLAND signature United States, etc.

KIRKLAND It is a highlight product. because this brand is House Brand of Costco which the products are very diverse like a toothpick against a warship But the original items imported to be sold in Tops CLUB are various beans, coffee, equipment, tools, tools, etc.

From 'Costco' to 'Tops CLUB', 'Warehouse-Members' model strengthens Central Retail. Goodies from KIRKLAND, the house brand of Costco.

connection of being “Partner partners” with Costco through brand products KIRKLAND come to Tops CLUB Still worth following because in addition to the retail model warehouse distribution center Membership card system including “size” The center’s location is similar to Costco, which normally measures about 13,000 square meters (square meters), while the first Tops CLUB is 15,000 square meters.

The service within Tops CLUB is known as another highlight. Up to 40 “food tasting points” for various product categories that must be so Because the products sold in the center are quite large packages or packs. The price per piece is strong, such as a snack, DJ&A, KIRKLAND coffee, priced in thousands of baht. But compared to buying at the supermarket is considered. “cheaper” Quite a lot, for example, a famous brand of coffee sold in Tops CLUB, size 1 kg (kg). Price is about 1,200 baht, compared to supermarkets, the price is 2,000 baht.

Even the unicorn-flamingo rafts are giant sizes. 1 picnic chair can accommodate up to 3 people, parents and children, including a giant 3-meter-tall bear, etc.

From 'Costco' to 'Tops CLUB', 'Warehouse-Members' model strengthens Central Retail.

The giant bear is 3 meters tall, priced at 7,999 baht.

import of goods Exchange rates inevitably affect product prices and sales. But the company has already managed services.

“Some of the products sold in Tops CLUB are even cheaper than buying overseas.”

Launching a new model, Central Food Retail, took 2 years to study, survey the market and develop it. Ready to open for service on 28 September by choosing the Rama 2 location to open the first branch because it looks at the purchasing power of the target customers who are all heavy-bag consumers. If measured by the development of low-rise real estate projects or luxury detached houses, Rama 2 is considered as one of the golden locations.

However, when looking at the market size in the area, there are still millions of people in the area. from hundreds of thousands of households

new model, different product A membership card system that sells products to its customer base at the best value. The company therefore believes that it will definitely receive a good response from the target group. Moreover, outside children or people who have been to school living abroad Saw the highlighted product. Don’t miss out on buying money for sure.

“People who have lived abroad When I saw the brand and the product, I bought it.” The only thing that guarantees an executive’s opinion is reviews. or foreign media written to KIRKLAND, 30 list of Costco’s House brand products that must be seen and must be bought, etc.

From 'Costco' to 'Tops CLUB', 'Warehouse-Members' model strengthens Central Retail. Eat Silk Beans, best-selling products during the trial period of the Pop-up Store

More than 3,500 items including food and appliances, sports equipment, kitchenware, etc. This is not enough because Tops CLUB will bring new products. Come in to sell, shuffle, circulate together. Bringing a new shopping experience to Thai shoppers

So how many types of Tops Club members do you get? The answer is that you can apply for membership in 2 types: 1. Basic Member Sign up for free! Free of charge and 2. Premium Member (Premium Member) special membership fee is only 799 baht per year (only promotion until October 31, 2022) from normal 999 baht per year.

Premium Member Basic Benefits Section Will receive a 5% discount (with conditions) Free delivery service ! In Bangkok and surrounding areas, there is no minimum when purchasing products online via Tops CLUB application from today – 31 December 2023, etc.

From 'Costco' to 'Tops CLUB', 'Warehouse-Members' model strengthens Central Retail. pistachios The price is lower than buying in the supermarket 50-100 baht.

Tops CLUB is considered the 8th retail model of Central Food Retail from the present Central Food Hall, Tops Daily, Tops Superstore, Family Mart and Tops. online, etc., opening new types of stores Reflection of jigsaw puzzles Continue to strengthen the retail empire of Central Group No. 1 in Thailand

“There is a belief that Tops The club will create a unique shopping experience for its target consumers. Because after the market trial, the Pop-up store opened, the customer responded very well.”

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