Refinery stocks trap (keep) the break

Refinery stocks trap (keep) the break
Refinery stocks trap (keep) the break

At this time, the numbers “Singapore Refining Fee” Contacted for several business days. Made the fans of the refinery stock “Shocking” All together.. plus the volatility of crude oil prices now. Therefore, a question arises in his heart that .. this kind of emotion “Refinery Stock” Can you still invest or speculate or not..!?

information from “Suwat Sinsataka” Managing Director FSSIA or what FC is known as “Teacher Pig” Senior analyst, energy expert It reflects the distillery’s situation interestingly. “GRM may be lower.” You can get it again..

But even though Singapore’s refining margin has been negative at more than 2 USD per barrel. But Thailand’s refining margin is still positive at 4-5 USD per barrel.

Due to the fact that Singapore has quite a lot of gasoline.. accounted for 30% and fuel oil 20-30%, but our country has about 20% gasoline proportion and about 7-8% fuel oil, less than 3 -4 times

Currently, fuel oil refining margin is minus 25 US dollars per barrel. Therefore, the average Singapore GRM is negative..

early last week Singapore’s refining margin dropped by more than $2 a barrel. This has a psychological effect on the stocks of the oil refinery group. Due to concern that the results in the 3rd quarter of 2022 may not come out very well..!?

make this period “Refinery Stock” Therefore, it is in a downward adjustment period. After the previous price has risen quite a lot. from high oil prices and refining margins

whether the shares of Thai Oil Public Company Limited or TOPBangchak Corporation Public Company Limited or BCPEsso (Thailand) Public Company Limited or ESSO and Star Petroleum Refining Public Company Limited or SPRC The price has increased quite a lot..

Therefore, this period is a period of adjustment of the base..!! In the short term, we should “avoid” refinery stocks.

But believe that the price of oil has not decreased much. And the GRM may weaken in the short term..

Therefore, if you look at the opportunity At this time, investors can “Waiting for storage” The share price range can be adjusted down.

talk about “Refinery Stock” Think of coal stocks likeBanpu Public Company Limited or BANPU came up immediately because the price of coal moved like oil.

share price BANPU looks like strength “Adjust the base” as well, after the price has risen from 12 baht up to 15 baht

But if you look at it as an opportunity when the price drops to 13.20 baht, it can enter. “Buy trap” as well

…heh heh heh…

The article is in Thai

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