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PROS jumps 11%, new high in 5 months after grabbing a new job Push back the lock out of 2.3 billion baht.

PROS jumps 11%, new high in 5 months after grabbing a new job Push back the lock out of 2.3 billion baht.
PROS jumps 11%, new high in 5 months after grabbing a new job Push back the lock out of 2.3 billion baht.

Reporters reported that today (23 Sept. 65) share price Prosper Engineering Public Company Limited or PROS Latest at 12:06 am at the level of 2.34 baht, plus 0.22 baht or 10.38%, the highest level at 2.50 baht, the lowest level at 2.16 baht, with a trading value of 50.74 million baht, the share price of PROS rose the highest in almost 5 months since Since the share price was at 2.36 baht on 29 April 65

Mr. Pongthep Ratanasangsuang, Chief Executive Officer of PROS, revealed that the company has reported to the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Subject: Received work on 2 construction projects, namely, Mega Home Project, Phraeksa Branch from Home Product Center Public Company Limited, which is the installation of building engineering systems, and the project for the electrical system to move the MDB cabinet, Lam Luk Ka warehouse from Neo Company Corporate Company Limited with a total value of 118 million baht

In addition, the joint venture Prosper and UPS has signed a letter of contract for a large construction project, namely the Den Chai-Chiang Rai-Chiang Khong Railway Construction Project, from Hygreet Products and Technology Co., Ltd. for the production of Precast Concrete Girder with a total project value of 734 million baht. The proportion of the company is 60%, valued at 440 million baht.

This is in accordance with the company’s plan. In the public and private sectors, some revenues are expected to gradually be recognized this year. Support backlog, the latest strong growth at 2,344.22 million baht. Currently, the company is waiting for the auction results to add more ports. which is a large government project hospital group work and private sector work from new and existing customers who are still expanding

As for the subsidiary, Prosper Tait Company Limited, received 7 new projects in the industrial and Lotus group with a total value of 22.92 million baht, namely: 1. DOW-Design Works for SCO Formulation Warehouse Project from Dow Chemical Thailand Co., Ltd. 2. ALS Project-Design and improvement of roof structure for water tanks and water pumps from ALS Laboratory Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 3. Lotus’s-Interior & Architecture Pancake Project Kanchanaburi from Ek-Chai Distribution System Co., Ltd.

including 4. Lotus’s-Interior Work Lotus Nakhon In (Mall Extention) project from Ek-chai Distribution System Company Limited 5. GCME-Innovation Lab Extension Project from GC Maintenance and engineering Company Limited 6. The JFE-Installation Oil Separator Project from JFE Steel Galvanizing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is the design and application for permission for the construction of the Foundation and 7. IRPC-Fence for Hydra Plant Project from the company. Innopolymed Co., Ltd.

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