‘Blue Venture Group Public Company Limited’ filed a filing to raise funds on the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI), offering no more than 157.5 million shares for IPO.

Ms. Patchaporn Sankhaburanurak Managing Director investment banking department KGI Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited, financial advisor, Blue Venture Group Public Company Limited, said that Blue Venture Group Public Company Limited has submitted an application for an offer for sale of securities and a registration statement. IPO (filing) to the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the issuance and initial public offering of ordinary shares (IPO) and listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. AI, with KGI Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited as a financial advisor and underwriter.

Currently, Blue Venture Group Public Company Limited has a registered capital of 225 million baht, divided into 450 million shares with a par value (par) of 0.50 baht per share, with a paid-up capital of 180 million baht, divided into 360 million ordinary shares. shares, which will be an initial public offering (IPO) of not more than 90 million shares and existing shares offered by the Company Thai Reinsurance Public Company Limited in the amount of not more than 67.5 million shares, representing an aggregate proportion of not more than 35% of the total issued and paid-up ordinary shares of the Company after the issuance and offering of newly issued ordinary shares. The proceeds from this fundraising will be divided into 3 parts, which consist of 1. Development of AI and information systems. To expand the business of the company’s group. 2. Expand business to ASEAN countries. by investment or joint venture with other companies

Mrs. Nawarat Wongthitirat Director and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Venture Group Public Company Limited said that the company is an expert in developing and providing management system services for non-life insurance and related businesses. Has experience in business operations for more than 20 years using database (Big Data) to develop a service system throughout the value chain with digital technology to provide a central platform for managing business for the insurance industry (Standard Platform). Standard level of working process of auto insurance business and health insurance business to become InsurTech for the benefit of all stakeholders It is also a pioneer in providing platform and application systems. For managing business related to car insurance Connecting the value chain of the auto insurance business By providing an EMCS (Electronic Motor Claim Solution) system, which covers the process of reporting a car accident, dispatching surveyors to the scene and notifying online (m-survey) and in-process claims review. Arrange for repair (e-claim) and procurement of spare parts (e-Part) and other auxiliary systems such as System for forklifts (e-towing), car auction management system (e-Auction), management system within the garage for cash customers (e-Garage) as well.

At present, the company has been entrusted to use the system from 34 insurance companies or accounted for more than 97% of the market share from the number of customer policies. More than 3,700 insurance companies of the Company and related companies in providing car claims, including survey companies Standard service center, repair shop, glass replacement shop, forklift company, spare parts shop, mac and fiber repair shop. Car wreck auction companies, etc., with over 1.5 million claims managed through the system per year.

The Company also provides operational support services to the insurance business. It operates under three subsidiaries, namely Blue Venture TPA, a platform and application provider for the management of medical benefits and claims in the health insurance business. To provide services to insurance companies and manage medical benefits for leading private companies in Thailand that have their own employee welfare management. with a network of hospitals in both the public and private sectors Including more than 500 clinics nationwide can use the system to check the rights of coverage of the insured and employees of general organizations who manage their own welfare for more than 8.8 million employees.

Blue Venture Actuarial Co., Ltd. provides actuarial consulting services and Blue Venture Tech Co., Ltd. provides new innovations in information technology that enhances the organization’s work efficiency. business under vision ‘Creating new innovations continuously To enhance the service experience and meet the changing lifestyle behavior of consumers by using technology and innovation to develop systems, platforms and applications. To create accessibility and respond to the use of services of modern consumers with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze and process data Increase management efficiency throughout the value chain of insurance business. Helping business operators reduce costs and increase the speed of service to customers. Driving insurance industry, both auto insurance business and health insurance business to grow sustainably. We are ready to be an Industry Game Changer that will transform various industries. by expanding business management platform services To create platform, solutions and applications for customers in various business sectors. Elevate service levels throughout the value chain through the use of digital technology. to create the highest satisfaction experience for customers and consumers,” said Mrs. Nawarat.

PREV NER issued 2 bonds at a maximum interest of 6.40%, offered on 5-7 Sept.
NEXT 24CS is ready to sell IPO to the mai market within Q4/65 after the roadshow.