Today’s gold price closes the market by 100 baht. Jewelry touches 30,000 baht again: PPTVHD36

gold trade association Announcing the domestic gold price (22 Sept. 65) a total of 5 times, closing the market plus 100 baht according to the international market direction. Although the baht at the end of the market will appreciate. The price of gold in the country did not move up much.
  • Gold bullion buy back 29,400.00 baht/gold baht and sell out 29,500.00 baht/gold baht.
  • Gold jewelry, buy back 28,864.64 baht/gold baht and sell out 30,000.00 baht/gold baht.

domestic gold price Based on spot market at $1,673.00/oz. and Baht 37.26 baht/dollar

The Fed raises interest rates by 0.75%, vowing to curb inflation by 1.25% this year.

Gold prices today (22 Sept. 65) “equal to” the previous day, foreign countries fluctuate.

The movement of gold prices in the past 5 days, with the price fluctuating during the Fed meeting.

The price of gold in the international market remained above $1,670/ounce. Investors are worried about the recession. After the Federal Reserve (Fed) announced the results of its meeting, raised interest rates by 0.75% and continued to raise interest rates by more than 4% by the end of the year, with interest rates expected to be raised for another year. before the interest rate cut in 2024

Gold prices recovered from their lowest level in nearly two years after the Fed announced interest rates. As a result, the market expects interest rate hikes to focus mainly on solving inflation problems. will affect the economy more severely. leading to an economic recession

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said more austerity measures were needed. to extract inflation It will affect the economy and employment.

Fed’s comments after the meeting Supporting the dollar’s appreciation in more than 20 years pressures the gold price in the beginning. But on the concerns of the recession and the risk of war in Ukraine. has supported the price of gold back

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