JAS jumps 2% to encourage shareholders to vote to sell JASIF tomorrow

JAS jumps 2% to encourage shareholders to vote to sell JASIF tomorrow
JAS jumps 2% to encourage shareholders to vote to sell JASIF tomorrow

Reporters reported that Today (22 Sept. 65) the price of JAS-JASIF plus kuk by Jasmine International Public Company Limited or JAS at 11:24 am at the level of 2.68 baht, plus 0.06 baht or 2.29%, the highest price 2.68. baht, the lowest price 2.62 baht, with a purchase value of 52.78 million baht

The Jasmine Broadband Internet Infrastructure Fund or JASIF at 11:25 am at 8.325 baht, plus 0.15 baht or 1.85%, the highest price is 8.30 baht, the lowest price is 8.05 baht, with a trading value of 152.94 million baht.

previously Bualuang Asset Management Company Limited reported information about the meeting of unitholders before the actual meeting (Pre E-CM) to the Stock Exchange of Thailand, stating that from the case of Bualuang Asset Management as a fund management company Including Broadband Internet Infrastructure Jasmine or JASIF, the Fund will hold an Extraordinary General Meeting of Unitholders No. 1/2565 via electronic system on Tuesday, October 18, 2013 at 1:00 PM.

I would like to inform you that the Management Company will hold a meeting of unitholders before the actual meeting (Pre E-EGM) via electronic system on Friday, October 7, 2022, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, to clarify the details of the waiver and /or Amend some details in the Infrastructure Asset Benefit Agreement and terminate some of the relevant contracts without any voting at the said meeting.

In this regard, the Management Company reserves the right to allow the first 1,000 unitholders to register first to attend the meeting (first come first served basis) by submitting details of registration and attendance to the meeting. Investment units will be informed later.

Mr. Phisut Ngamvichitwong, Senior Director Securities Analysis Department Kasikorn Securities Public Company Limited (KS) said that this JASIF advance meeting of unitholders should be a test of voting trends before the actual meeting on October 18.

The Bualuang Mutual Fund will clarify the details of the meeting agenda for the unitholders to understand more. Especially important issues such as requesting to cancel certain lease agreements. and the reduction of rent from the Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited or ADVANC group that has advantages and disadvantages And in the future, will there be a chance to renew the contract or not? including adding additional assets into the fund

Mr. Phisut said that initially, JASIF unit holders in the first 3 years after ADVANC came in, will receive a return of 0.82 baht per unit per year, equivalent to 10% per year, which is as high as the original return that Jasmine International Group Co., Ltd. ( Public) or JAS paid, so there is a greater chance that unitholders will vote for it at next month’s meeting. After Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited (BBL) offers conditions to reduce interest rates and extend the loan repayment period and ADVANC pays 3 billion baht in advance for the first 3 years.

The Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) will report its opinion on ADVANC’s vote on the proposal by October 4, ahead of a meeting on October 7. IFA is expected to support AIS’s proposal.

As for the JAS shareholders’ meeting on September 23, it is expected that the resolution of the sale of JASIF shares to the AIS group is definitely passed, because Mr. Pich Photharamic holds a larger than 55% stake and needs only 20% more votes. According to the criteria, the aggregate must not be less than 75%, but it is expected that the shareholders will not reach 100%, only 90%, so only 68% of the votes will pass or need another 7% when combined with the voice of Mr. Pitch.

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