The chairman NBTC investigates TRUE-DTAC merger news, demands response in case of ‘hiring consultants’ with overlapping

The chairman NBTC investigates TRUE-DTAC merger news, demands response in case of ‘hiring consultants’ with overlapping
The chairman NBTC investigates TRUE-DTAC merger news, demands response in case of ‘hiring consultants’ with overlapping

‘Consumer’s Organization Council’ prepares to submit a letter to ‘NBTC chairman’ asking to investigate Trairat Wiriyasirikul’s cause of TRUE-DTAC merger news ‘false – misleading’ The NBTC gave answers in the case of hiring ‘Independent consultants’ who may have conflicts of interest


On September 22, Ms. Saree Ong Somwang, secretary-general of the Consumer Organization Council (Exam.) revealed that tomorrow (Sept. 23) the exam and the network will submit a letter to the chairman of the broadcasting affairs committee National Television and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) asked to investigate Mr. Trairat. Wiriya Sirikul Acting on behalf of the Secretary-General of the NBTC, who came out to give news about the business merger between True Corporation Plc. (TRUE) and Total Access Communication Plc. (DTAC), which It is wrong information.

“That (acting on behalf of the NBTC secretary-general) said that the law on business integration in telecommunications business according to the NBTC announcement of 2010 that requires business integration to be authorized by the NBTC has been repealed. With the announcement of the NBTC in 2018 instead, which stipulates that the business merger can be done By preparing a report to be sent to the NBTC only, where the NBTC has the power to specify specific measures or conditions for those with market dominance. which the information in this case is a misunderstanding

and made me think that the decree interpreted Diagnosis of this business merger It is not the power of the NBTC, so we will submit a letter to the chairman of the NBTC and the NBTC board to investigate Mr. Trairat. and we have to do this because before information is published 5 facts of the NBTC which, although once published, the President of the NBTC and the Office of the NBTC will order them to be removed But these false and untrue information Still being published in the general public media,” said Ms. Saree.

Ms. Sari continued that there have been several efforts in the past to make a business merger between TRUE and DTAC feasible. by defining specific measures But when considering the specific measures mentioned It was found that the measures were weak and meaningless, such as prohibiting the two subsidiaries from merging within three years, or the imposition of 14 consumer protection measures, none of which were useful for consumer protection.

Therefore, the examination, as a representative of consumers, would like the NBTC to adopt such specific measures. Let’s listen to opinions before the NBTC will use it to decide whether to allow a business merger between TRUE and DTAC or not. It may be seen that the NBTC’s discretion is a problem or not.

Ms. Sari also called on the NBTC to provide the facts. In the event that the Office of the NBTC hires a company Finansa Securities Co., Ltd. is an independent consultant to study the case of the merger between TRUE and DTAC, but it appears that the independent advisory firm has a stake in the company requesting the merger. Because such independent consulting company There is a shareholder who is a high-level service provider of TRUE, if the matter is true. It will be a conflict of interest.

“The NBTC has to come out and investigate the case of the company. Finansa Securities whether there is a shareholder who is a senior executive of TRUE or not because it is a conflict of interest. which, if true, must be dealt with And this is partly preventing the use of this advisory report. and there must be someone responsible if the use of this report is allowed,” said Ms Sari.

Ms. Saree reiterated that the examination and the consumer organization network Disagree with the merger of TRUE and DTAC because although the Council of State said that the NBTC must make a proportion between the development of telecommunication and consumer protection or public interest. But if you consider Section 21 of the Telecommunications Business Act B.E. 2544, it is clear that the NBTC has a duty to protect consumers. Directing the business to create competition and reduce monopoly

“Today we may not have taken out of our pockets. because there is no merger But whenever there is a merger will affect consumers immediately,” said Ms. Saree.

Ms. Boonyuen Siritham, chairman of the Consumer Organization Council, said that the consumer organization network are concerned that If a merger between TRUE and DTAC is allowed, it will affect consumers. Because nowadays, the mobile phone business has 3 major operators, all of whom have to compete in terms of price and system modernization. to be a leader But if there is a merger and the remaining two major service providers, competition in various fields will be reduced.

“By making choices less It will cause competition in system development to decrease. And the competition for price reductions to win customers will also be gone. without these And if there are few left or there are only two left, they may hang up and not compete,” said Ms. Boonyuen.

Previously, Mr. Trairat Wiriyasirikul Acting secretary-general of the NBTC stated that the case that appeared through the media about a letter from the Office of the Council of State that responded to the law concerning business mergers between TRUE and DTAC confirmed that the office did not send news and disclose the details. details of the book to the media

Only some media outlets have called and inquired. who replied that “There is an answer letter from the Office of the Council of State. and the Office must present to the Board of Directors for further acknowledgment.”

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