Review of the new NETA V, a 100% electric car, worth more than expected at a price of 549,000 baht.


Review of the new NETA V, a 100% electric car that raises the selling point with a selling price of only 549,000 baht, comes with full standard equipment. and a battery that can drive more than 384 kilometers per charge. How much will it be useful to follow in this article?

Believe that many people will follow the news of the launch of the electric car “NETA V” that has been awakened since the Bangkok International Motor Show 2022 in March last year. before being announced the official selling price a few days ago Which is consistent with rumors that it will be marketed at a price of not more than 600,000 baht because NETA V has a selling price after deducting the government’s electric car support at only 549,000 baht, which includes a home charger, AC Wallbox Charger with installation fees. already done

For NETA V sold in Thailand, it was marketed by Neta Auto (Thailand) Co., Ltd. or NETA Thailand, developed under the concept of “Touchable Smart EV” or tangible electric vehicle. Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., the NETA electric vehicle manufacturer in China, has sold more than 170,000 electric vehicles since the company’s establishment in 2014, representing a growth rate of 362% in 2021. It is classified as a group of electric vehicles with high sales growth steadily.


NETA V marketed in Thailand only one sub-model. Comes with a 5-door hatchback-style body that gives the mood a little bit of a crossover. According to NETA, the NETA V’s lines are inspired by “dolphins” with a smooth front-to-toe flow to enhance aerodynamic efficiency. which even directly affects the rate of electricity consumption

Body dimension

  • Length: 4,070 mm.
  • Width: 1,690 mm.
  • Height: 1,540 mm.
  • Wheelbase length 2,420 mm.
  • Minimum distance from the floor: 130 mm.

Or if compared to a simple picture, the NETA V is considered to be similar in size to the Honda Jazz GK that has recently ceased to be sold, so it is considered that the NETA V is equivalent in size to a B-segment vehicle that is commonly run in our homes. Suitable for focusing mainly on urban use.


NETA V’s standard equipment is also available as it should be in today’s car. Whether it’s a halogen projector headlights with automatic headlight on-off system and navigation lights after the engine is off (Follow Me Home Light), LED daytime running lights, LED taillights, electrically adjustable side mirrors (Manual folding), front wiper system with adjustable delay time (The rear wiper does not have But there is a defroster wire included) and 16-inch alloy wheels wrapped in 185/55 R16 tires.

NETA V also has a special smart key, Smart Key, which is designed to look like a round shape with a strange design. There are lock, unlock and tailgate unlock buttons on the remote. or to press a small square button On the exterior door opener to lock-unlock the door, just carry the key with you. NETA also has an accessory that is a wristband case for holding the Smart Key in a different color that matches the car. Should be of interest to teenagers quite a bit.


The charging port of the NETA V will be installed on the left side of the car. Can support Type 2 AC chargers and CCS Combo DC chargers, which are considered chargers that meet the standards of use in Thailand, both Normal Charge and Quick Charge.


The interior of the NETA V’s cabin is better than expected. with minimal style decoration that emphasizes simplicity But there are decoration materials that add even more premium, such as the installation of black synthetic leather seats from the factory, the steering wheel is covered with leather material with ventilation holes. And decorated with silver materials, not too much, not too little.


NETA V can accommodate 5 passengers, the front seats are 4-way adjustable, the driver’s seat can not be adjusted height – low. The rear seat backrest can be folded in one piece to increase the rear luggage space. But can not tilt or move forward – back But still, the angle of the backrest is considered standard. not leaning or standing too straight Plus, it’s comfortable with plenty of legroom.

When sitting in the driver’s position, the eye level is slightly higher than the average sedan. Therefore, the visibility is quite good. can be easily estimated While the design of the seat can support the body fairly well. Do not hold tightly until you feel uncomfortable. Even if I sit in the car for hours, I do not feel pain.


The NETA V’s cabin is designed to be almost “buttonless” because of the control of functions. Will be included on a large 14.6-inch vertical touch infotainment screen, which at this point must be appreciated by Neta that can make the interface beautiful, useful, sharp, supports Thai language. full It is also very responsive, not allergic to high-end tablets. Make the usage flow smoothly without jamming. Although accessing the various menus In the early stages, it may take some getting used to. because there are so many functions

The air conditioning control menu is designed to be at the bottom of the screen. which will be displayed all the time But controlling the basic functions such as adjusting the wind speed or temperature. It is necessary to use a way to press and slide a small bar. This may be inconvenient to use while driving. But it’s also good to be cool, not allergic to a car that uses a combustion engine. able to fight the sun in Thailand easily


In addition, the NETA V air conditioning system also has an N95 air filtration system to reduce the amount of dust in the cabin. It can also show the remaining life of the air filter. The numbers will vary depending on the usage and the level of wind used regularly.

The infotainment system can connect to smartphones via Bluetooth for both iOS and Android systems with USB ports in 3 positions, complemented by audio control buttons on the steering wheel for ease of use while driving. and 6 speakers around the cabin


even turning on and off the headlights and adjusting the height – low of the headlights It also needs to be commanded through a 14.6-inch screen as well. (But it’s also good to have a system to turn on – turn off the headlights automatically. So there is no need to enter the menu to turn it on and off every time)

The driving information display is a unique digital design that stretches in front of the driver. It can display necessary information such as speed level, battery level, driving distance, remaining battery run distance, average consumption, real-time consumption, gear position. including various warning symbols Overall, it’s easy to understand and works well. It also does not obscure the visibility of driving as well.

Look up above the ceiling to find a LED map reading light that can be turned on and off with a touch system. Plus, at night, there are glowing lights in a circular shape, adding to the atmosphere inside the car to look more modern. The rearview mirror can be rocked by a button to cut off the light from the rear car.


As for the electric gear lever, it looks like a stalk mounted on the right side of the steering wheel (think Mercedes-Benz. Anyway), which looks like the PRN and D buttons like a normal car. But what’s special is that the gear lever will be used for the Cruise Control system as well. By using it, just press the lever all the way down while the car is moving. You can then select the desired speed through the controls on the left side of the steering wheel. The car will move at the set speed. To cancel, just tap the brake lightly, the Cruise Control system will automatically stop working immediately.

The security system is as complete as it should be. Whether it is the ESC stability control system, HAC hill start assist system, HDC slope speed control system, ABS / EBD braking system, TPMS tire pressure abnormality monitoring system, system Automatic door locks when the car starts, 3-point 5-position seat belts, ISOFIX child seat mounting points, dual front airbags. and disc brakes on all 4 wheels

drive system

NETA V is powered by a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with a maximum power of 95 horsepower (PS), a maximum torque of 150 Newton-meters, a maximum speed of 110 km / h (Sport mode, a maximum speed of 120 km / h). ) and a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 38.5 kWh, providing a driving range of 384 km according to the NEDC test standard, with a HEPT 3.0 battery temperature management system and a water cooling system. to maintain battery performance


For charging through the Wallbox with AC (Normal Charge) from 0-100%, it takes about 8 hours to fully charge. The actual charging time depends on the amount of battery remaining before charging. As for DC fast charging (Quick Charge) from 30-80%, it takes about 30 minutes, at which point it must be understood that when the battery level returns above 80% or more, the charging cabinet will gradually Reduce the amount of charge to save the battery itself. Therefore, charging from 80-100% need to take longer than usual. This is normal for the Quick Charge system in general electric cars.

In addition, NETA V can supply power back to electrical devices with the V2L or Vehicle to load function. can be plugged into the charging port of the car immediately Will be able to supply power up to 3,300 watts, suitable for small appliances such as fans, grills, charging portable computers, etc. for those who like to do outdoor activities. Or in case of home power failure, it can also be used as a backup power supply.


All NETA V vehicles receive a 5-year or 150,000-kilometer warranty (whichever comes first), an 8-year or 180,000-kilometer motor and battery warranty (whichever comes first), as well as a first-class insurance. 1 year insurance act and NETA WALLBOX charger with installation fee 1 set


First of all, I have to say that starting a NETA V car is different from a conventional combustion car. because as soon as the car door is unlocked The system will start standby and start traveling without pressing the start button at all. (Which this car does not have a start button already) or if the car door is not locked. just press the brake pedal The system will start Standby immediately as well. Can put gears and drive away immediately


While turning off the car, there is no need to do anything else as well. Just park the car, put P gear, get out of the car, close all the car doors. press the door lock button various electrical systems It will automatically cut off the work immediately. In the case of parking in the house or do not want to lock the door The car can be turned off by itself via a button. “Disconnect the car switch” in the menu on the 14.6 inch screen will also cut off all electrical systems.

In terms of driving, it must be admitted that the electric motor specification number 95 hp, maximum torque of 150 Newton – meters may not be a remarkable number. But the actual driving can respond better than expected. Especially in the speed range of 0-60 km / h, the torque can be called quickly as in the electric car. Greatly improves mobility in the city As for climbing speeds from 80 km/h or more, it’s not too bad. It’s close to the kick-down of a 1.5-litre B-segment petrol engine, but the NETA V is still more responsive with no engine noise or gear changes.

However, the NETA V’s top speed is limited to 110 km/h in normal mode, but when switched to Sport mode, the top speed will be increased to 120 km/h.


The suspension of NETA V is set to be extra soft. Ideal for use in cities with small holes and a large number of manhole covers It makes driving through uneven road surfaces smooth and dreamy. There was almost no sign of tension.

But whenever the speed is about 80 km / h or more, the soft suspension will be clearly visible. Immediately recognize the shape of the car that is narrower and taller than usual. which symptoms that this does not have to be driven out of the province Just drive on Ratchaphruek road in the open air It’s clearly showing signs of trembling.

Another symptom seen in NETA V is the moment when the car is close to a complete standstill. There will be a headache almost every time. Imagine that you are stepping on the brakes to slow down to a red light. As soon as the speed drops to 1-2 km/h, the electric motor cuts off the power stubbornly. causing head pains to go forward every time or even a sluggish discharge according to traffic congestion When the car is close to a complete stop, there will be headaches every time. which the symptoms that this is not very serious But when driving in the harsh traffic conditions every day It can create quite a bit of frustration.


As for the actual driving distance I had the opportunity to bring this car to use both in the city and upcountry (Chonburi Province), starting from charging it to 100%, resetting the distance to 0 km, then driving for 2 days, a total distance of 217.9. kilometers, the battery is reduced to 30%, the display indicates the remaining driving distance of 124 kilometers, based on the speed limit under the law. The long-distance driving range uses a standing speed of about 100 – 105 km/h.

When it arrived at the charging station inside the PTT pump, it managed to charge it with Quick Charge until the battery level returned to 59%, totaling 80.50 baht for electricity bills as shown on the application. exchange for the amount of electricity obtained 13.4 kilowatt hours

As for charging with the home charger cable that comes with the car How much time will it take? This can answer that charging from 83%, it took me about 6 hours to reach 100%, which is quite a long time. Therefore, it is more suitable for emergency charging that cannot find wallboxes or quick charging cabinets.



The NETA V is an entry-level electric vehicle that is of great interest to anyone looking for an electric vehicle. Suitable for focusing mainly on urban use. with all the standard equipment available comfortable suspension Thrilling foot acceleration With a battery large enough to charge 1 time, it can last 2-3 days, while driving long distances is enough. But with a top speed that is limited to only 110 km / h (or 120 km / h in sport mode), combined with the suspension that is noticeably distorted. The confidence of driving is reduced to some as well.

But when compared to the selling price of only 549,000 baht, I believe that NETA V can provide better value for money than a combustion vehicle in the same price range.

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