Summary of important news, E-Finance Thai News Agency, dated 20 November 2023

Summary of important news, E-Finance Thai News Agency, dated 20 November 2023
Summary of important news, E-Finance Thai News Agency, dated 20 November 2023

“Kawee Chukitkasem” sees Thai stocks reaching 2,000 points in the next 5 years – reveals 11 stocks worth collecting from 5 industries
Summary of issues from the BETTER TRADE 2023 event “Kawee Chukitkasem” sees the Thai stock index in the next 5 years reaching 2,000 points, recommending growth stocks that Thailand is attractive about. along with advising investors to understand 3 aspects of market mechanisms: the stock market grows according to profits – profits have their own cycles – get used to investing in the market

AOT reveals fiscal year 2023 profit of 8,791 million baht, growth of 179%, accepting more than 100 million passengers.
AOT reveals fiscal year 2022 (Oct. 2022-Sept. 2023) turning a profit of 8,791 million baht, growing 179% after aviation returns to normal. Push flights to nearly 640,000 flights, growing 62% – Passengers exceeding 100 million, growing 114%

MINT expects performance to continue growing in 2024 Accelerate debt repayment, hoping to reduce interest burden Support strong financial position
MINT expects performance to continue growing in 2024 Ready to accelerate debt repayment, hoping to reduce interest burden during the uptrend. Build a strong financial position Ready to maintain an investment budget for 3 years with a budget of 1-15 billion baht, focusing on expanding hotels and restaurant branches.

Bangkok has proposed the Interior! Pay off the first BTS debt of 23 billion baht, wait for the Cabinet to give the green light again.
BMA has proposed to the Ministry of Interior that it will repay BTS’s debt after the 23 billion baht arrears in wages for installing the Green Line electric train signaling system are ready to move forward with collecting the 15 baht extension fare after the new year, aiming to get the money back for the money owed for bus management fees.

CPN is confident that this year’s revenue will grow 20-30% as targeted and is ready to open Central Nakhon Pathom-Nakhon Sawan in the first half of 2024 as planned.
CPN is confident that in 2023 revenue will grow according to the target of 20-30% from growth in every business. Keep an eye on digital wallets and E Refund to how much they can support shopping. Ready to open Central Nakhon Pathom-Nakhon Sawan as planned The first half of ’67

TLI aims for 2024 profit growth of 10% as the economy recovers, confirming there will be no impact on stocks falling sharply. After adjusting the investment portfolio to focus on debt instruments
TLI expects business to grow continuously in 2024. according to the economic recovery Targeting profit growth of 10% and adding sales representative leaders to reach 30,000 people to support product sales. Suggesting no impact, stocks plummet After adjusting the investment portfolio this year Focus on investing in debt instruments

The SEC sent a letter to SET reviews conditions for Short Sell-trading program Ready to check the performance of the inspection system
The SEC sent a letter to the SET to review the transaction conditions of the Short Sell – trading program to be appropriate and consistent with the current situation. To create confidence and equality for all groups of investors. Ready to inspect the efficiency of the Naked Short Selling monitoring system of the SET – Securities Exchange.

It’s in effect! SEC approves criteria for information disclosure and risk notification to customers of the operator digital assets
The SEC issues guidelines regarding information disclosure and risk notification to customers of digital asset business operators. In order for customers to receive information necessary for deciding to use the service and be aware of the risks that may occur. From the preservation of assets of digital asset business operators It is effective from 16 November 2023.

The SEC improves the SME securities information forms of companies listed on the LiVEx board.
SEC updates annual registration statement and improve the wording in the SME securities offering registration form of companies listed on the Live Exchange Stock Exchange (LiVEx).

WHART invests in warehouses and factories worth 3.5 billion baht, pushing property value to 55 billion baht, the highest in the country.
WHART moves forward with increasing the trust’s capital to 195.90 million units, bringing additional investment in 3 warehouse-factory projects worth 3,566 million baht, pushing the total asset value to 55,000 million baht, becoming the largest industrial trust in Thailand.

SAWAD announces loan portfolio growth of 20-30% in 2024, controlling NPL not more than 3-4%, turning to enter the car registration pawn market.
SAWAD aims for 2024 loan portfolio growth of 20-30%, controlling NPL not more than 3-4%, focusing on car registration loan group, hinting at 4Q23 performance growth due to the high season. and the loss of confiscated vehicles tends to decrease.

“Worawat Chinpinkliao” spent more than 13 million baht to collect another 1.7 million shares of COCOCO into the portfolio, reiterating confidence in the business.
“Dr. Worawat Chinpinklao”, Big Boss of COCOCO, pocketed 13.62 million baht and added 1,750,000 shares to the portfolio at a price of 7.75-7.79 baht per share, emphasizing confidence in growing the business. Ready to move forward with expanding production capacity to support the production of PET bottled beverages with an investment of 650 million baht.

Kasikorn Asset Management sends ALPHA fund to strengthen its portfolio, major IPO 21 Nov. – 1 Dec.
Kasikorn Asset Management Co., Ltd. in collaboration with KBank Private Banking and investment partners Inviting large customers to invest in new mixed funds “ALPHA-MOD-UI” and “ALPHA-AGG-UI” with ready-made investment portfolios Diversify your investments across asset classes around the world with the Core & Satellite Portfolio strategy with flexible, proactive portfolio adjustments. Initial public offering (IPO) opens 21 Nov. – 1 Dec., starting at 1 million baht.

SPALI-LH leads real estate stocks positive Encourage the government to renew the reduction in transfer and mortgage fees. Ready to request a reduction in land tax.
(20 Nov. ’23)SPALI-LH Leading real estate stocks to rise after 3 real estate associations Prepare to propose to the government to renew measures to reduce transfer-mortgage fees to 0.01% for houses of all price levels. Ready to reduce land and building tax collection rates.

ASPS opens 23 stocks, preparing to receive benefits. Interest rates are starting to show signs of going down.
Asia Plus Securities Keep an eye on the long-term bond market It’s harder than the short term. It is a signal to reduce interest rates to support the economy – the stock market in the next period is ready to open in 4 groups of 23 stocks ready to benefit from interest rates, preparing to enter a downtrend.

WARRIX prepares 70 million baht to buy back 11 million shares or 1.83% starting 21 Nov.
WARRIX announces the repurchase of no more than 11 million shares, or 1.83%, in an amount not exceeding 70 million baht according to the financial management plan, starting on 21 Nov., confirming that it will not use the remaining 426 million baht from the IPO because this money is prepared to be used in projects. Construction of the Sports Science Center and working capital

“Ann” Jakkraphong Chakrajutathip sells 5.41% of JKN shares, remaining holding 32.20%.
Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reports the sale of shares of JKN Global Group Public Company Limited or JKN by Mr. Chakkraphong Chakrajutatib. which was sold on November 14, 2023. The amount of securities sold represented 5.4134% of the total voting rights of the business. The number of securities after the sale is 32.2079% of the total voting rights of the business.

SCC reveals that “KIA”, a subsidiary in Indonesia, sued government agencies to cancel debt claims worth a total of 3,000 million baht.
SCC reveals Indonesian subsidiary “KIA” sues Indonesian government agency To the Administrative Court of First Instance To cancel the debt claim against KIA and its subsidiaries with a total value of 3,000 million baht after previously being charged by the Bank of Indonesia. Suspend entry into the registration system from the problem of small shareholders Confirmed that there will be no significant impact on SCC’s performance.

BAY expects the baht this week to be 34.85-35.50 baht/dollar, ready to follow the Fed meeting report.
BAY expects the baht this week to trade within the range of 34.85-35.50 baht/dollar after reversing to strengthen. from the continued weakening of the dollar Ready to follow the Fed meeting reports Even though the market expects the Fed to end the cycle of raising interest rates and will decrease in the first half of 2024.

BoT reveals Q3/66 commercial banks’ total profits improved to 65 billion baht following increased interest income. Found that liquidity is still strong
BoT reveals Q3/66 Thai commercial banks had a total profit of 65 billion baht, improved from the same period in 2022 at a profit of 60 billion baht, following increased interest income. It was found that the entire system had high levels of capital, reserves, and liquidity.

NESDB reveals GDP Q3/2023 grew 1.5%, along with cutting the full-year target to 2.5%, while next year it is expected to grow 2.7-3.7%.
NESDB reveals GDP Q3/2023 grew 1.5%, lower than the market’s expectation of 2.2%, while in the 9th month it grew 1.9%, indicating that exports slowed down – government spending decreased pressure. But there is tourism – household consumption – private investment growing to help support it. In 2023, the GDP target was cut to 2.5% from the previous expectation of reaching 3%, while in 2024 it was expected to grow 2.7-3.7%.

The Prime Minister is worried about Q3/2023 GDP growth being low, expected to be only 1.5%, and emphasizes that digital wallets will help support the economic recovery.
The Prime Minister is concerned about Thai GDP Q3/66 growth being low, expected to be only 1.5%, vowing to solve the problem for the better. Raise the digital wallet project It is the main factor supporting economic recovery. Ready to propose measures to solve debt throughout the system at the end of November.

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