AP Thailand launches the masterpiece of the year, RHYTHM Charoen Nakhon Iconic, a new luxury condo. The only one opposite ICONSIAM


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  • AP Thailand creates a new chapter in history. The grand return in 4 years of the condo brand RHYTHM, launching the masterpiece of the year “RHYTHM Charoen Nakhon Iconic”, project value 5,000 million baht.
  • Planting the flag of the first luxury flagship project, Super Condominium in Thailand, that everyone is waiting for under the concept of “Bluechip Design Residence”, the ultimate in living design. Meticulous in every detail, highlighting 3 being the best
  • SUPER RADIUS, the best location on Charoen Nakhon Road. On rare land in the heart of The Center of River CBD, opposite ICONSIAM, close to BTS Charoen Nakhon, just 100 meters and surrounded by growth in the middle of an important business district. With a value that increases every year
  • SUPER DESIGN, the ultimate in design inspired by Japanese – Italian Craftsmanship. A balance between beauty that can be felt and aesthetics of superior living Selection of special design furniture and quality materials With a central area supporting a lifestyle with a special experience, totaling more than 3.3 rai.
  • SUPER ARCHITECTURE, the ultimate new landmark that catches every eye. Design a luxurious atmosphere amidst nature. To blend in with the architecture with Sky Facilities, elegance, uniqueness that stands out as one. Open to the most stunning views of Bangkok city.
  • This exclusive, only 577 units, ready to open the Sales Gallery to view sample rooms of the new design in the Hospitality Design format on 25 – 26 November.
  • Register for an appointment in advance. Receive special privileges up to 300,000 baht, SIMPLEX 1 – Bedroom 35 square meters, starting price 5.6 million baht, SIMPLEX 2 – Bedroom 95 square meters, starting price 16 million baht and VERTIPLEX suite, ceiling height 4.45 meters, starting price 9.5 million baht at https ://apth.ly/rhythm-iconic

Miss Kamonthip Bamrungchat Udom Deputy Managing Director Condominium Business Line, AP Thailand Public Company Limited, said that the company is committed to operating its business under the promise of delivering “a good life that you can choose for yourself,” moving forward with the plan to reinforce the number one condo leader for urban people. Through innovative product and service design Along with enhancing the quality of life that is complete with perfection, today AP Thailand is ready to launch the newest flagship condominium, the most proud of the year with “RHYTHM Charoen Nakhon Iconic”. Sure Condominium On a single beautiful piece of land in the heart of The Center of River CBD, opposite ICONSIAM and close to BTS Charoen Nakhon, only 100 meters, the 23rd joint venture project between AP Thailand Public Company Limited and Mitsubishi A Company. State Public Company Limited, project value 5,000 million baht, 577 units only. Ready to open for first viewing of sample rooms on 25 – 26 November with SIMPLEX 1 – Bedroom 35 square meters, starting price 5.6 million baht, SIMPLEX 2 – Bedroom 95 square meters, starting price 16 million baht and VERTIPLEX suite, ceiling height 4.45 meters. Starting price 9.5 million baht

Throughout the past, the success of the RHYTHM condominium brand has been considered a testament to the trust and confidence of high-end customers. Both the strength and outstandingness of the brand standpoint is meticulousness for a perfect life. Especially at the end of this year 2023 with the launch of RHYTHM Charoen Nakhon Iconic, which is an important project highlight. In addition to being a grand return after 4 years for the RHYTHM brand, this project is also one of the masterpieces celebrating the 10th anniversary of the joint venture between AP Thailand – Mitsubishi Estate. that both companies Very determined to strive to create and develop this project to be the first and only Super Condominium in the country. Reinforcing every detail Gathering the best, reflecting the definition of RHYTHM is in the details that connects both the unique identity and the customer’s lifestyle together perfectly above the level, welcoming the demand in the luxury condo market. Supports both Thai and foreign customers.

RHYTHM Charoen Nakhon Iconic, a new luxury condominium. The best and only one in the heart of the Charoen Nakhon area with the concept of BLUECHIP DESIGN RESIDENCE, ready to present the best in living design. Meticulous in every detail through 3 qualities:

  1. SUPER RADIUS RHYTHM Charoen Nakhon Iconic is located in an excellent location in the heart of The Center of River CBD, next to Charoen Nakhon Road, opposite ICONSIAM, near BTS Charoen Nakhon, only 100 meters, which is considered the best of the new condominiums located on a beautiful piece of land. Rare and continuously increasing in value Especially being one of the residences in a Global Destination location, close to a world-class landmark shopping center, just a few steps away. and is also surrounded by growth amid investment in large luxury projects. and can also quickly connect to the important business areas of Sathorn and Silom.
  2. SUPER DESIGN In terms of design work, it is the first time to bring inspiration from Japanese – Italian Craftsmanship. Towards the creation of interior design works Complete and unique, supporting living life on a different level. AP has worked with the country’s leading interior design company, VAIR DESIGN, led by Ms. Benyapa Sirisopon, designer and founder. who joined in deciphering insights into the lifestyles of high-end customers in the Charoen Nakhon area to detailing details in the design that creates a balance between the beauty that can be felt and the aesthetics, including the selection of specially designed furniture and quality materials With a central function space that supports a special lifestyle experience of more than 1,360 square meters, such as the Lobby Lounge, uniquely decorated with a pattern reflecting the flow of the water. Perfectly combined with the selection of custom-made glass decoration materials, Silk Pattern Glass and Crystal Symphony Craftsmanship. Driving the icons of every area With the dimensional angle of light that hits through the crystal Giving a different atmosphere and specialness to each time of the day. Artistic Pavilion (28th floor), a relaxation area on the Sky Facility floor, stands out with important masterpieces. Overscale modern art style With a special designed lounge sofa. Perfectly connecting private living with skyline views. Including adding special functions at The Grand Yacht Lounge (29th floor), a space that combines beauty with functions to provide a relaxing experience that exceeds expectations. It stands out with its unique design and color tone in the Italia Yacht style and connects to the Private Club (29th floor), providing users with an aesthetic relaxation amidst works of art and beauty decorated from natural stone. Created as the Iconic Bar, curved shape, Sky Living Room (29th floor), another space to support work. Both personal or group use through furniture selection Simplicity has timeless value and the Private Gym (29th floor) supports the fitness trend, complete with equipment from leading brands. Ready to add charm to the space with unique graphic design. on a large canvas, etc.
  3. SUPER ARCHITECTURE and another highlight is the outstanding elegance of the iconic and powerful architecture. Ready to become a new landmark that will catch everyone’s eye, especially Sky Facilities on floors 28 – 29, divided into indoor and outdoor functional spaces, combining privacy and maximum relaxation. And the best of the facilities is the River Hydro Pool, a salt water swimming pool. Stretching over 40 meters with a view of the Chao Phraya River that connects to the Bangkok skyline. One of the most beautiful panoramic views from above. The swimming zone for children, Kids Pool, is designed to be clearly separated from the deep area for adults.

“For the overall picture of the condominium market, it is next to the main road, Charoen Nakhon Road. It is considered a location with high potential for high-end customer demand. Contrary to demand in the area From a study of the market overview for the past 7 years (2017 – 2nd quarter 2023), it was found that there were only 3 condo projects on the main road, totaling only 1,755 units. Total sales were as high as 84%, leaving only 241 units remaining for sale in this area,” Ms. Niymaporn Sanguanphan table Senior Director Marketing and Business Sales Division Condominium product group, AP Thailand Public Company Limited, added.

RHYTHM Charoen Nakhon Iconic Flagship Condo. New luxury level That brings together the best in only one place on a land area of ​​4-0-86.4 rai. It is a 29-storey residential building consisting of 577 residential units, 60% parking (not including double parking), with the starting selling price Starting at approximately 5.6 million baht to a maximum of 30 million baht, with the residential section starting from floors 6 – 27, offering a variety of new style condominiums. Supports superior living in all lifestyles as follows: (1) SIMPLEX model starting on floors 6 – 22 condominium units with usable area from 35 – 130 square meters, consisting of 1 – Bedroom, 1 – Bedroom Plus, 2 – Bedroom 2 Bathroom and 3 – Bedroom 3 Bathroom, starting price 5.6 million baht (2) VERTIPLEX Double Volume format, 4.45 meters high, starting on floors 23 – 27, starting price 9.5 million baht.

“RHYTHM Charoen Nakhon Iconic is outstanding with its location. Excellent design Only one unique project identity. Selection of quality materials Common areas and apartments with the utmost attention to detail. To aim to be a residence in the heart of The Center of River – CBD that will make every moment of the residents truly happy and have a perfect quality of life. The company is confident that this will result in RHYTHM Charoen Nakhon Iconic being an Iconic Landmark. New and the most important condominium highlight at AP Thailand and Mitsubishi Estate, ready to officially open for sale in the final period of the year. and that will immediately receive the attention of customers in the Charoen Nakhon area,” Ms. Niymaporn concluded.

RHYTHM Charoen Nakhon Iconic, a new luxury condo. Next to Charoen Nakhon Road On a rare plot of land in the heart of The Center of River CBD, opposite ICONSIAM, near BTS Charoen Nakhon, only 100 meters, the only one in the area that is fully equipped with the best in living design. Meticulous in every detail Ready to open and view sample rooms of the special Hospitality Design design on November 25 – 26. Customers must register to make an appointment in advance. Get an additional discount of up to 300,000 baht for SIMPLEX 1 – Bedroom 35 square meters, starting price 5.6 million baht and VERTIPLEX suite, ceiling height 4.45 meters, starting price 9.5 million baht, starting price 159,000 baht per sq m at https://apth. ly/rhythm-iconic or call 1623

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