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NBTC Board, Minority Voice Opens Up, Not Voting to Merge “AIS-3BB” for Fear of Going to Jail


NBTC Board, Minority Voice Police General Dr. Natthorn Phoesunthon opened up about not voting for the “AIS-3BB” merger because the Frequency Allocation Organization Act 2010, Section 27, specifies the role and duties of NBTC only specifies measures.

Even though the merger between Advanced Wireless Network Company Limited or AWN, an affiliate AIS Purchase shares in Triple T Broadband Public Company Limited or 3BB Within the JAS group, an agreement was reached and shares were successfully traded. After the board resolution The NBTC on November 11, 2023 has allowed the two companies to merge their businesses.

The list of NBTC boards that have approved the resolution is as follows:

  • Air Chief Marshal Dr. Thanaphan Raicharoen
  • Professor Dr. Pirongrong Ramasutha
  • Associate Professor Dr. Suphat Supachalasai
  • Associate Professor Dr. Sompop Phuriwigraiphong

Not pronouncing 1 sound is

  • Mr. Torphong Selanont

2 votes did not attend the meeting

  • Clinical Professor Saranaboon Baichaiyaphruek, Chairman of the NBTC.
  • Pol. Gen. Dr. Natthorn Phaosunthorn, NBTC committee member.

however “Economic base” Had the opportunity to interview the NBTC board, the minority voice is Pol. Gen. Dr. Natthorn Phoesunthon NBTC legal committee member explains reasons for not participating in board resolution NBTC on November 11, 2023, whether they acknowledged it or not, had not yet decided at that time. But there is a tendency to vote not to acknowledge. Because the information sent is not complete. But the other side goes to consider granting permission or not granting permission. Therefore, the driving force of the NBTC is based on the principle of majority resolution when the resolution comes out like that, that is, granting permission. Therefore, the resolution of acknowledging or not acknowledging must be lost because of the minority.

But the Consumer Protection Council is preparing to sue. NACC submits request to remove NBTC board.

  • If anyone wants to sue or file a complaint, just say so. Who is allowed or not allowed? Because I looked at the NBTC’s legal regulations, it was written that The NBTC does not have the authority to grant or disallow permission due to business mergers of telecommunications operators. According to the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand B.E. 2017, the Act on the Organization for Allocation of Frequency Spectrum and Regulating Radio Broadcasting Business Operations television radio and Telecommunications Business 2010, Section 27 (11) has established measures to prevent acts that constitute a monopoly or causing unfairness in competition in the broadcasting and television businesses Telecommunications business The law is not written to specify whether permission is allowed or not. It has the power only to set standards. If we don’t have power and then use the power to give permission, we will go to jail. Don’t let social trends put pressure on us. If we give permission, we will go to jail.

The article is in Thai

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