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Test drive the BYD Seal Performance model. Is it okay to actually use it like a normal person? : PPTVHD36

Test drive the BYD Seal Performance model. Is it okay to actually use it like a normal person? : PPTVHD36
Test drive the BYD Seal Performance model. Is it okay to actually use it like a normal person? : PPTVHD36

Today we are with another 100% electric car model from the BYD brand that was recently launched, the BYD Seal, which is classified as a large passenger car. (D-Segment) by PPTVHD36 had the opportunity to test drive this little seal on the route. Bangkok-Khao Yai, round trip distance approximately 400 km.

BYD SEAL opens prices for 3 sub-models starting at 1.32-1.59 million baht, ready for immediate delivery.

BYD announces discontinuation of Build Your Dreams brand name on trunk lids

The BYD Seal that we got to test drive this time is the top model. Or what is known as the model Performance (Performance) Comes with 2 motors, enormous power. Don’t worry, there’s still a lot of energy left.

There’s only one thing to be careful of. Be careful of driving too much fun! Then you won’t be able to control the car. Therefore, the driver’s skills may need to be developed simultaneously to be in line with the vehicle.

Throughout the route that we test drove, we have to say that we used the speed that normal people use on the highway, which is 90-120 km/hr. What we experienced was The acceleration is heart-stopping but not harsh. Personally, I felt that when I pressed the accelerator, the response rate was that of a nobleman! It comes smoothly, but it comes. If you press the accelerator pedal down 100%, you’ll have your back stuck to the seat. As for the weight of this steering wheel, it’s good and a little tight, not too heavy and not too light.

The feeling of the suspension at normal speeds that we have tried, I personally think it’s good! Soft, chewy, comfortable, confident. But if the speed is higher than that, that’s another story. Because with high torque and high power, there may be some that can be felt. Which can be used normally without any worries. Personally, I think this car can be used while sitting in the back. Compared to the D-segment internal combustion engine that has been launched, the BYD Seal is not much inferior.

As for the value for money, what you get Both appearance and design Basic equipment of the car Safety and performance systems starting at BYD SEAL DYNAMIC priced at 1,325,000 baht, BYD SEAL PREMIUM priced at 1,449,000 baht and BYD SEAL AWD PERFOMANCE priced at 1,599,000 baht, this is considered passable. All that remains is to look at long-term usage from customer feedback to see if it will pass, pass, pass.

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