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Pickup sales in Thailand: ISUZU D-MAX leads November 2023 -

“SABUY” strong performance, total income for 9 months 7,564 million baht, growth 165%


Have a net profit 383 Million baht decreased YoY but normal profit grew 91%.

Aiming to close the deal to expand the ecosystem of the Sabai Group, set to close the deal with TKC, AIT at the end of November.

Mr. Narongchai Wongthanavimok Chief Executive Officer, Accounting and Finance Group, Sabai Technology Public Company Limited. Revealing operating results for the first 9 months of this year which grows tall With total income of 7,564 million baht, an increase of 165% from total income of 2,850 million baht, and normal profit grew 91% from normal profit in the first 9 months of last year. and has a high net profit 383 million baht, which is less than the net profit of 964 million baht in the same period last year. This is because last year there was a high profit from investment valuation.

For the 3rd quarter of 2022, the company had total income of 2,468 million baht, an increase of 111% from total income of 1,172 million baht from the same period last year, and gross profit of 667 million baht, an increase of 297 million baht or 80%. The gross profit margin was 27%, decreased from 32% but increased from 24% in the second quarter of 2023. The main reason was the result of the group having a wider range of products and services and increased wholesale sales. which has different price competition markets With an operating profit after additional business creation expenses of 203 million baht and a net profit for the period equal to 37 million baht, a decrease from the same period of the previous year of 463 million baht, or 93%, mainly decreased from Gains from measuring the fair value of investments in previous years However, in order to increase efficiency and future performance, the company has taken measures to adapt, such as adding measures to select water filter customers in the installment payment system to make it even more strict. This allowance has been increased in preparation for future fragile economic conditions. Consider selling some businesses that do not promote the ecosystem and reduce duplication of operations by continuing to work according to the company structure plan. To add value and increase the ability to cope with future changes. And the company will proceed according to the plan carefully and carefully to increase operating results in challenging economic conditions in order to satisfy customers and partners, including all stakeholders. next section In this regard, the company Still believe in the operating plan, including controlling various expenses, which continues to move forward tightly. This is reflected in the ability to generate income that continues to be good. Even in difficult situations like today

by in quarter 3/2023 The group of companies has increased income from the same main companies, such asSBNEXT, SABUY Market Plus, SABUY SPEED, SABUY Alliances, PTECH, BZB, and LOVLS which is a company that has the potential to grow steadily this quarter. Including looking for new business opportunities. that enhance the company’s growth, such as increasing Touchpoint and sales channels B2C through the platform ShopDD and be a representative Banking Agent to Bangkok Bank in depositing and withdrawing cash through the company’s channels, etc. The company also implements strategies emphasizing sustainability in personnel development. Risk control and internal audit Including improving the sales and service system according to guidelines. 7 SMART To increase income in Every product and service In addition, the company There has been a search for sales channels and new markets. Including restructuring the organization holistically, emphasizing sales Solution To be consistent with the business plan 7 SMART The company still maintains a sustainable growth path as set out.

Sabai Group’s income growth in the third quarter of this year has grown significantly, including:

1. Income from new services is 696 Million baht increased 207 Million baht or equivalent to 42.3% from the same period last year This is mainly due to the income in the SABUY SPEED with point expansion Touchpoint To provide parcel delivery services throughout the country In line with the market conditions for parcel transportation business in 2018. 2023 expected to grow at an average rate 18% according to market growth E-commerce or value 1.15 Hundreds of billions of baht in the year 2023 Including an increase in income from the business Outsourcing and service income from business CRM of BZB which has been invested since Q3/2022 and Q4/2022 onwards

2. Sales income: has a value of 1,621 Million baht increased 1,055 Million baht (or equivalent to 187%) from the same period last year This is mainly due to income from the sale of water filters and ice makers from SBNEXT and income from selling BZB’s CRM system and income from selling electrical equipment in installments from LOVLS which has been invested since Q3/2022 and Q4/2022 onwards

3. Revenue from contractual services and interest income have a total value 141 Million baht increased 38Million baht or equivalent to 37% from the same period last year which comes from the loan business and selling water filters and electrical equipment in installments through its platform SBNEXT and LOVLS

Mr. Wirat Morakotkarn, Chief Executive Officer of the Commercial and Investment Group of Sabai Technology Public Company Limited, revealed the operating results for the first half of the year. 2023 that “During 9 month year 2023 In the past, the company has continuously expanded its business and added partners. To cover and strengthen Ecosystem Including expanding and strengthening potential (Synergy) of the group of companies The business has been grouped into 6 Main business groups include: 1. Connext 2. Enterprise & Life 3. Payments & Wallet 4. Financial Inclusion 5. InnoTainment and 6. Venture which has significant changes as follows

  • business group Enterprise & Life: The company has invested in the company. S2SMART which provides labor contracting services in the central region To expand the business size for the group SABUY Outsourcing and plans to invest further in the future
  • business group Payments & Wallet: The company has cooperated with Bangkok Bank (BBL) is Banking Agent pass SABUY COUNTER This will be a service point for depositing and withdrawing cash through stores providing express delivery and receiving services throughout Thailand. using the network SABUY SPEED There are more participating points to provide cash deposit-withdrawal services. 150 locations throughout the country and deposit services through top-up machines “Tem Sabai Plus” makes cash deposit-withdrawal transactions more convenient and easier.
  • business group InnoTainment: From the Company’s investment in AS Previously, the company had acknowledged and agreed to

AS Invest in Bitkub Online (BO) To expand the business Digital Platform, Exchange as well as technology Blockchain at BO has great potential To bring forward the various business groups of SABUY Also invest in the company. NIPA Cloud To increase potential in Cloud and Digital Marketing Agency in Southeast Asia and apply it to business Digital Asset Including Digital Platform Especially with SABUY Digital and SABUY Infrastructure

The company has raised the level Ecosystem By investing with various partners in the year 2022 Whether it is SBNEXT, Asphere, SPEED (business group Drop-Off), LOVLS, BZB and others that are diverse and different in the business Including the establishment of subsidiaries in the group When imported into Ecosystem of the company, resulting in being able to meet the needs of service users/customers in every target group Including effective management of unit costs.

In this regard, the exchange of shares between TKC – AIT which is currently in process and expects to complete the entire process by the end of November. This will strengthen the SABUY group in expanding its comprehensive services to large corporate customers.

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