Brutal ‘buffet’ restaurant charges 4-month-old child, father wonders what the charge is? The child couldn’t eat anything.


store “buffet” It is a favorite for many people because it hasfoodThere are many to choose from and great value. No matter how much you eat, you only pay the price set by the shop. “buffet” Each store has prices for children. Most are only half the price for adults.

But recently there has been drama at the store. “buffet” Extremely cruel to charge the price.food4 month old child who hasn’t eaten anything at all Because children at this age cannot eat anything in the restaurant. It made people who knew about this become very angry.

On November 20, 2023, something puzzling happened. Because there is a Facebook user Post asking netizens wondering….

store “buffet” How do you calculate the price for a child’s head? Height or age? I came across a post. He took his child to the store. “buffet” The shop charges a 4 month old child. Is this normal? Because a 4 month old child can’t eat anything yet. No drama, just 30 baht, just pure happiness.

The post has a picture of the receipt that the store issued. which the store clearly wrote: “buffet” Older children 140 baht and small children 30 baht after the photo was shared. It created a lot of doubt among netizens. Because of that small child The child was only 4 months old and could not eat anything in the store. So many people don’t understand that the shop “buffet” What do you charge for children?

Until many netizens came to comment and speculate that Could it be the cost of air conditioning and the cost of the location? which also had netizens replying, If you charge an air conditioner for a 4-month-old child, the shop is too callous. You shouldn’t even charge a 4 month old child. The child just comes in and sits there.


The article is in Thai

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