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AP wakes up the “Charoen Nakhon” area with “RHYTHM Charoen Nakhon Iconic”, 5 billion, receives a prime location, the value of “land” is exorbitant.


No one can deny that The emergence of “ICONSIAM” as a World Class Destination has made old community areas like “Charoen Nakhon” along the Gold Line electric train. At present There has been a change from the past. Completely gone

Especially in terms of the value of “land” prices that are growing rapidly. which has the Charoen Nakhon side and the Charoen Krung side are the “yolk” of the riverside area. The latest buying and selling price is more than 5 hundred thousand baht per square wa and has brought a new nickname to the “luxury location” of luxury condominium projects. with a buying-selling price per square meter of more than 150,000 baht

Amid the growth of investment in real estate projects and the new government center of the Ministry of Interior. It has planted its flag in the Global Destination location and has become an important source of employment in the Thonburi area.

However, when you really dig deep, you will find that such a prime location Condo supply available Very little has happened. In the past 7 years, there were only 1,722 new projects opened, including 3 projects, and the sold-out rate was as high as 84%, with only 241 units waiting to be sold.

This is because the land plot is an appropriate size. There is little left in project development. But the demand and interest of both Thai people and foreigners continuously increased And this became an important gap. To be the number 1 developer in the Thai housing market Preparing to open a new chapter of the legend Changing the condo industry in the area once again.

AP pops RHYTHM Charoen Nakhon Iconic

Most recently, Niymaporn Tohsanphanphan, Senior Director Marketing and Business Sales Division Condominium product group, AP Thailand Public Company Limited, revealed that with the potential of the location and the interest of Real estate customer groups with high purchasing power in areas with the highest growth. From the value of the land + the importance of the ICONSIAM project and the new Ministry of Interior

The company is preparing to launch the RHYTHM Charoen Nakhon Iconic project, worth 5,000 million baht, with 577 units on a beautiful piece of land. Opposite side of ICONSIAM which is a joint venture project with Japanese partner Mitsubishi Estate No. 23 under the goal Develop this project to be the first and only Super Condominium in Thailand and reinforce the return of the famous brand RHYTHM in 4 years with prices starting at 9.5 – 30 million baht per unit.

For RHYTHM Charoen Nakhon Iconic, it is one of the newly launched projects of AP Thailand that has come out to poke the luxury condo market. During the last curve of the year, which AP Thailand Public Company Limited states that it is a fulfilling part, reinforcing its position as the number one condominium leader for urban people.

Throughout the past, the success of the RHYTHM condominium brand has been considered a testament to trust. and confidence from top-level customers, both strength and brand position that emphasizes meticulousness Supports the needs of Thai and foreign customers. with the ultimate in 3 aspects:

  1. Located in a prime location in the heart of The Center of River CBD, next to Charoen Nakhon Road, opposite ICONSIAM, connecting to important business areas both. Sathorn and Silom quickly
  2. Japanese–Italian Craftsmanship design to interior design Deciphered from insights into customer lifestyles such as furniture, materials, Lobby Lounge, custom-made mirrors, Sky Facility, and overscale modern art works, etc.
  3. The outstanding elegance of the Iconic Design architecture that will become a new landmark of Bangkok, especially the Sky Facilities on floors 28-29.

“The company is confident that this will result in RHYTHM Charoen Nakhon Iconic becoming a new Iconic Landmark that will receive the attention of customers in the Charoen Nakhon area during the final stretch of this year.” Executive of AP Thailand Public Company Limited said

The RHYTHM Charoen Nakhon Iconic project is located on approximately 4 rai of land, 29 floors high, with 577 rooms, with an average price of 159 hundred thousand baht per square meter, while the operating results for the first 9 months of 2023 found that PCL. AP has total income of 37,141 million baht and net profit of 4,719 million baht.

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