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Kalasin PDC publicizes the use of the “Community Click” platform in the activity “Palang, the Heavenly Stairway, created with Mister Global”


IT20 Nov. ’23 21:132023-11-20

November 18, 2023 at the stairway to heaven Phutthawat Phu Sing Temple, Non Buri Subdistrict, Sahatsakhan District Kalasin Province, Mr. Uthai Singthong, Kalasin Provincial Development Officer, along with the directors of all 4 work groups, District Development Work Group. Community development academic, development worker, Kalasin Provincial Community Development Office official and network partners Publicize the use of the “Community Click” platform, with Mister Global 2023 contestants from 40 countries holding signs with the “Community Click” sign in the activity “Pa Lang, Crying the Heavenly Staircase, created with Mister Global” to publicize the use of the platform. Click Community” and communicate to create awareness. Encourage attendees and network partners to use the “Click Community” platform.

The “Click Community” application is a digital service platform for improving the quality of life and community that citizens can access easily, conveniently, quickly and use in solving quality of life problems and improving their living conditions.

For users of the Android operating system, for users of Android mobile phones from version 8 and above can be downloaded through the Play Store. Just search for the word “click community” or click /details?

For users of the iOS operating system, you can download it through the App Store. Just search for “Click Community” or click %A1%E0%B8%8A%E0%B8%99/id6463790710

Source: Department of Community Development

Department of Community Development

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