BoT reveals that in the third quarter of 2023, bank loans shrank by 0.9% – Mitistock


Stock dimensionBank of Thailand Revealing that in the third quarter of 2023 commercial bank loans shrank by 0.9%, overall operating results improved from the previous period.

Miss Atchana Lamsam, Senior Director Financial Institution Model Inspection and Analysis Department Bank of Thailand (BoT) revealed that in the 3rd quarter of 2023 commercial banking system It is stable and stable.LoanThe commercial banking system in the third quarter of 2023 shrank slightly at 0.9% from the same period last year. from the gradual repayment of debt of the business sector

As for the operating results of commercial banks in the 3rd quarter of 2023, they improved from the same period last year. This is a result of increased interest income. Even though financial costs increased from the increase in interest rates on deposits and FIDF Fee return to normal level Including operating expenses and increased reserve expenses

However, it is still necessary to monitor the debt repayment ability of the SMEs business sector and some households that are still in fragile financial positions. from a slow recovery of income

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