“foodpanda” reveals popular locations and menus with the most people ordering “pick-up”


Daily Manager 360 – Many people may be familiar with the “Delivery” service from foodpanda that, throughout its 11 years of service in Thailand, has provided the convenience of ordering food and groceries to your home. or who are already working But there’s still one more. Another popular service is the “pick-up” or “pick up at the store” service, which customers use 24% of all foodpanda services, such as food delivery, pandamart, foodpanda shops, pandago and dine- in considered that the pick-up service from foodpanda can very well meet the lifestyle needs of customers in an era where they are racing against time and don’t like to wait long.

foodpanda reveals 5 selling points that make the pick-up service win the hearts of customers today.
1. Save time in queue The most obvious advantage of the pick-up service is that there is no need to queue in long lines at the store. Customers can manage their ordering time by themselves, such as ordering 2 days or 15 minutes in advance, whether it is No matter how long the queue is at popular restaurants, you don’t have to worry because foodpanda will help you order your food and give you an approximate time when the food will be ready for you to pick up. This allows us to go to the store and receive our food immediately without having to wait in line.

Did you know? The pick-up service during the 1st-3rd quarter of 2023 can save customers 30,102 hours of queue time (an average of 5 minutes per person) or 1,254 days, meaning that using pick-up can save time in queues. Almost 3 and a half years.

2. No need to pay shipping fees. Anything you can save will be the most healthy for your finances, and the pick-up service from foodpanda can help us save more money in our pockets because “there’s no need to pay for delivery” if the store is near or in transit. You can walk to pick it up. Save money and get your body moving too.

3. A wide variety of menus and restaurants to choose from. Pick-up service from foodpanda. There are many shops providing services as well as delivery services. Especially in the central business district next to the Skytrain throughout Bangkok, foodpanda would like to share popular locations. and types of food that customers order as pick-up the most. These insights It will be useful to partner shops in business planning. To continue to meet the needs of customers who like pick-up services as well.
Revealing 6 popular spots that people like to pick-up
1. Stadium One
2. EmQuartier
3. Central Ladprao
4. Esplanade
5. Payathai Plaza
6. Siam Paragon

Open 3 great menus that people choose to pick-up
1. Drinks
2. Snacks
3. Fast food

4. Help the world by reducing waste. Pick-up service is another option. that customers can choose to use to help reduce plastic waste Because it will help reduce the number of plastic bags by an average of 2 pieces per order. According to foodpanda, this year the pick-up service can help reduce the use of more than 722,450 plastic bags, reducing the amount of plastic waste that needs to go through the waste restriction process. It can go down to more than 7,224,500 grams or 7.2 tons.

5. Value for money food With discounts up to 30%, there are many famous brand restaurants. Let’s give a great discount to customers who use the pick-up service from foodpanda.
• Weekend campaign Saturday-Sunday, additional 30% discount, maximum discount 100 baht. Use code “WEEKEND” when ordering pick-up food, minimum 229 baht (*can be used with all participating brands such as Starbucks, Garrett Popcorn Shops, etc.)
• Burger King Exclusive pick-up 30% discount, maximum discount 80 baht. Use code “PICKBK” when ordering to pick up food at the restaurant, minimum 249 baht until 30 November 2023.

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