Kasikorn Asset Management launches 5 Wealth PLUS funds to strengthen the portfolio to survive all fluctuations.


HoonSmart.com>> Kasikorn Asset Management points out that the economic recession is likely to slow down. The Fed has a chance to keep interest rates high for a long time. It sees the “capital market” still being volatile due to future interest rate forecast adjustments. Promoting investment options to cope with all fluctuations through the “Wealth PLUS Group” of 5 funds “WP-LIGHT, WP-BALANCED, WP-SPARK, WP-SPEEDUP and WP-ULTIMATE” diversify investments in various types of assets around the world. including debt instruments, stocks and alternative assets in different proportions Through 2 or more Kasikorn Mutual Funds, opening for sale on 18 Sept.

Mr. Suradej Kiatthanakorn, Managing Director Kasikorn Asset Management Company Limited revealed that the global economic recession is likely to slow down. There are supporting factors from the consumption, service and employment sectors that are stronger than expected. In addition, inflation is gradually decreasing and entering the target range of the US Federal Reserve (Fed), giving risky assets a chance to increase in the future. Therefore, there is still a positive view on world stocks. However, inflation is gradually decreasing but remains high, giving the Fed an opportunity to maintain high interest rates for a long time. And will consider the development of inflation in the next period (Data Dependent) during the period when investors are adjusting their interest rate expectations. It may create volatility in the bond and stock markets.

Kasikorn Asset Management therefore offers investment options to be ready to cope with fluctuations in all market conditions. Through a new fund under the name Wealth PLUS Fund, which is a group of mixed funds with ready-made investment portfolios in different investment proportions. So that investors can choose according to the expected return from 2% per year to 8% per year under acceptable risk. There are 5 funds to choose from: WP-LIGHT, WP-BALANCED, WP-SPARK, WP-SPEEDUP and WP-ULTIMATE, all of which have a policy of diversifying investments in a variety of assets around the world (Asset Allocation), including debt instruments, stocks and assets. choice through 2 or more Kasikorn Mutual Funds. Kasikorn Asset Management is scheduled to open for sale from 18 Sep. 2023 onwards.

“For the highlight of the Wealth PLUS fund, in addition to the investment policy that emphasizes Asset Allocation investments so that each type of asset can create returns in different market conditions, the Wealth PLUS fund also has an investment proportion adjustment every 3 months. month. There is also a risk control model “Wealth PLUS Model” to prevent heavily negative returns during periods of high market volatility. The fund will adjust the investment proportion to low-risk assets. and wait for the time to adjust the investment proportion to return to the appropriate proportion again in the next quarter.

In addition to the Wealth PLUS fund that investors can choose to invest in individually, Investors can also choose to use the Wealth PLUS service as well. Investors can set investment goals for both normal and DCA methods under a fund selection system and risk level appropriate to each investor. The system will help remind investors to complete their goals. However, the Wealth PLUS service will be available only through the K PLUS channel,” Mr. Suradet said.

Mr. Suradet added that Kasikorn Asset Management Co., Ltd. is organizing a special promotion in the Savings Project No. 5 for only new customers who are interested in starting to invest in the Wealth PLUS fund by simply 1) opening a Kasikorn Fund account for the first time and getting started. Invest a minimum of 5,000 baht within 30 Nov. 2023 and 2) start investing in DCA within 29 Dec. 2023 by investing a minimum of 500 baht/month for 12 consecutive months. Those who meet both conditions will receive the Fund. Back is a K-CASH investment unit worth 500 baht. Conditions are as specified by the company. In addition, for general investors who invest in the Wealth PLUS fund between 18 Sep. 2023 – 31 Oct. 2023, they will also receive a discount on fees. Purchase (Front-end Fee)

Investors can contact to receive the prospectus through all channels of Kasikorn Bank and/or those who support the sale and redemption of investment units. You can inquire for more information at KAsset Contact Center 0 2673 3888 or study the information yourself at the website. www.kasikornasset.com

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