Toyota Corolla Cross preparing to launch Minor-Change model in Thailand early next year.


Toyota Corolla Cross is another family favorite passenger car. Preparing to launch a small facelift in Thailand early next year after it had already been launched abroad at the beginning of last year.

After the Toyota Corolla Cross was released for sale in Thailand. Since the middle of 2020, the selling point is that it is a Sub Compact Crossover that was built on the basis of the popular Toyota Corolla Altis passenger car, but has been renovated. To be more suitable for use within the family both from height and body size

In addition, in the early stages of marketing The car also has a highlight in terms of power. with only one hybrid power option Until it was able to sweep up sales by a landslide. And later at the end of last year The camp has also launched a pure gasoline powered model, such as the 1.8 Sport Plus model, hoping to stimulate sales. and increase options for customers who may not yet be comfortable using a hybrid engine vehicle.

However, because right now the Toyota Corolla Cross car in foreign countries, whether it’s the United States or Japan and China, has already received a facelift since the beginning of last year. Including the fact that now the Honda HR-V is its main competitor. There is a good response from more and more customers.

Therefore, it seems that Toyota is planning to give the new Corolla Cross a minor change in order to fight back as well. And it is expected that the first appearance will be made at the beginning of next year, no later than the Motor Show 2024.

As for the details of the makeover mentioned above, at this time no one has been able to confirm that. Will it go in the same direction as the Corolla Cross sold in other countries or not? Especially in terms of appearance From what I’ve seen and seen, it’s considered perfect. It just might not fit the spirit of Thai people who are the customer group much?

and on the engine side itself Still no one Official information can be confirmed as well. But it is expected that At least in the purely gasoline powered version, the 1.8 Sport Plus will have to be adjusted to use a 2.0 liter Dynamic Force engine that has significantly more power than before (from 140 PS to around 170 PS) in order to please customers who consider it 1.8 liter power in the current car model Still not strong enough for use

But will it really be like that? We have to wait and follow. In a few months from now

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