LEO closes multinational logistics deal Joining forces with Thai company to launch EV truck – Miti Hoon


Mitistock-LEO or Leo Global Logistics Public Company Limited by Mr. Kettiwit Sittisunthornwong The Chief Executive Officer revealed that he currently has cash on hand of 700-800 million baht, ready to invest in businesses with potential. and expand the income base from non-Freight businesses to 30%.

Spread more risk Non-Freight

During this Q4/2023, it is expected that M&A deals will be concluded. International logistics business and cooperation with partners who are listed companies In providing “EV Truck” services to reduce Carbon Footprint and reduce the use of energy that causes pollution.

About to open Self-Storage New placeQ4

In addition, in the 4th quarter, the third Self-Storage location will be launched. The company expects that in 2024 it will begin to see the benefits of such investment. This will make the operating results have a good trend.

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