Salesforce opens Dreamforce 2023, announcing the latest AI and data innovations to drive the business of the future.


Introducing Einstein Copilot, a conversational assistant with innovative Generative AI to drive productivity and meet specific business needs.
new! Einstein 1 Platform for Data Cloud integration makes it easy for businesses to build low-code AI-powered apps and workflows.
Revealing the latest report from IDC which predicts that Between 2022 and 2028, the Salesforce AI Economy will net $2.02 trillion in global business revenue. and create 11.6 million new jobs worldwide.

Salesforce, the #1 AI CRM company, announced major advancements in its Einstein solution, its exclusive AI technology, and Data Cloud, its real-time hyperscale data solution, at Dreamforce 2023. This will aim to improve the customer experience and raise the standard of efficiency and productivity even more.

A new study from IDC reveals that the next wave of Generative AI will accelerate economic opportunities for Salesforce and its ecosystem. IDC estimates that the Salesforce AI Economy will generate $2.02 trillion in net revenue from Global business income and create 11.6 million new jobs worldwide between 2022 and 2028

The newest version of Einstein To become a reliable conversation assistant powered by Generative AI

Salesforce’s Einstein Solution launches new features powered by Generative AI innovation, Einstein Copilot, a conversational AI assistant. Built into all CRM apps to support every customer experience, Einstein Copilot helps create seamless workflows. Ready to help drive work efficiency through the use of Natural Language in asking questions. and receive relevant and reliable answers. It is based on exclusive, Secured Salesforce data from the Data Cloud.

In addition, to meet the specific needs of each business. Salesforce has launched Einstein Copilot Studio to help businesses customize Einstein Copilot features through specific prompts. or through specific skills and AI models. which this feature It will help companies close deals more quickly. along with raising the level of customer service to customizing Natural Language prompts into code, etc. Additionally, Einstein Copilot Studio features can be configured so that Einstein Copilot can be used outside of a Salesforce application. To be used on other customer contact channels such as websites, Slack, WhatsApp or SMS to drive real-time chat.

Einstein Copilot and Einstein Copilot Studio features will be deployed under the Einstein Trust Layer, a secure AI architecture built on the Salesforce platform. To create quality results from AI based on customer data At the same time, it can maintain the privacy and security standards of company data at the same time for the businesses that use it.

new! Einstein 1 Platform is used with Data Cloud to support Big Data and drive Low-Code Metadata on AI applications.

Einstein 1 Platform is built on the Salesforce metadata framework. This is another step forward for Data Cloud and Einstein. The platform will help companies securely connect, organize and understand data across their Salesforce applications. It also creates comprehensive visibility into information for the entire organization. It doesn’t matter how the data is structured in the internal system. It can also help organizations optimize user experience and operational data using other low-code platform services such as:

-Using Einstein for AI-powered predictions and content creation

-Using Flow for automation

-Using Lightning for user interfaces

The newest version of Date Cloud is integrated with the Einstein 1 Platform to help companies unlock the use of data to build a complete and unified profile of their customers. Ready to deliver a new CRM experience to users

Data at Scale: Einstein 1 Platform supports metadata. Thousands of Metadata-enabled objects Each object can have trillions of rows. Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud also have new upgrades available on the platform.
Automation at Scale: Massive amounts of data are instantly available as power objects on the Einstein 1 Platform. Work flows can be dynamically adjusted, with up to 20,000 events per second. It can also interact with other systems within the organization, including existing legacy systems through Mulesoft.
Analytics at Scale: The Einstein 1 Platform’s common metadata schema and access models enable insights and many of Salesforce’s analytics solutions, including Reports and Dashboards, Tableau, CRM. Analytics, and Marketing Cloud Reports can share the same data.

“We live in an era of constant digital transformation. The importance and involvement of AI in business cannot be overlooked because AI will revolutionize customer behavior and needs towards brands and usher in a new economic era,” Mr. Amit. Saxena, Regional Vice President, Salesforce ASEAN, added, “At this time, businesses in Thailand need to control and evaluate the appropriateness of their use of AI, data and CRM to build trust with their customers. At the same time, they must be able to use these technologies to provide a great experience to their customers as well. Customer trust can affect a brand. Therefore, the ability to provide an excellent customer experience is critical to the success of the business of the future.”

Other key highlights from Dreamforce 2023:

Slack launches new innovation Powering a smart productivity platform
-New innovations added to Slack will bring AI, automation. and knowledge sharing gathered in one place To raise the efficiency and effectiveness of work
*Slack AI now has the ability to summarize threads, summarize channel highlights, and find answers within all of a user’s messages.
*Workflow Builder development edition allows teams to create automations without writing any code. It uses connectors from Google, Asana, Jira, and other platforms.
*Slack lists help you track tasks, track triage requests, and track cross-functional project management.

Einstein for Net Zero Cloud to make ESG reporting easier for companies
-The Einstein feature for Net Zero Cloud recommends reliable data responses to queries or data related to ESG reports in real time. It is based on data contained in a specific reporting framework. To help companies ESG reports are able to streamline the process of writing ESG reports. For example, Einstein was able to leverage the company’s ESG data released last year. Or it may pull data from previously uploaded documents (such as over 10,000 impact reports). compliance documents) or may leverage other Net Zero Cloud data, such as a company’s greenhouse gas emissions. Einstein will automatically apply this information to each section of its ESG report for the most recent year.

Salesforce expands industry partnerships Launch of partnerships with Google, AWS, McKinsey, Databricks, Genesys and Snowflake:
o Google partnership: Launch of the theme Bidirectional Integration to help customers integrate context from Salesforce and Google Workspace. Users will be able to work seamlessly across platforms through Salesforce and Google Workspace’s Generative AI assistants, Einstein Copilot and Duet AI.

oAWS partnership: Launch of Bring Your Own Lake (BYOL) and Bring your Own Large Language Model (BYO LLM), a combination of AWS and Salesforce Data Cloud solutions built on AWS using Salesforce’s existing Generative AI. Come join as a partner. This combination of solutions will enable customers to seamlessly and securely integrate their data across the Data Cloud and AWS services. To leverage the base model sets available on Amazon Bedrock and Amazon SageMaker securely within the Salesforce platform

oMcKinsey partnership: Introducing the integration of Salesforce’s Einstein and Data Cloud technologies with McKinsey models and AI. The partnership will accelerate the rollout of trusted Generative AI for sales, marketing. Commerce and services

oDatabricks partnership: Introducing seamless data sharing between Salesforce Data Cloud and Databricks Lakehouse, reducing costs and simplifying data migration and copying for customers. Including creating safety and reliability Helps unlock richer use of insights to deliver better customer experiences.

oSnowflake partnership: Launch of Bring Your Own Lake (BYOL), a data sharing tool through Snowflake Data Cloud from Salesforce Data Cloud that will help expand data storage and promote the use of insights. Strengthen the drive to work with data or Data-driven for customers.

oGenesys partnership: Launch of CX Cloud, a fully integrated AI-powered customer experience and relationship management solution. It brings together Genesys Cloud CXTM and Salesforce Service Cloud to drive a smarter, end-to-end customer and employee experience.

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