Energy prices dropped, but NGV increased, transport operators about to invade the Energy Ministry.


Chachoengsao – Energy prices are gradually being reduced in accordance with the Pheu Thai government policy, but NGV has been secretly increased, close to reaching 20 baht per kilogram, causing serious distress to transport operators. Set up a statement and appeal to the government for justice. Revealed that in the past they had cooperated in following measures to solve problems in the era. “Thaksin government” but came back and was thrown away in “Seththa’s government” threatens to move forward and ask for justice at Government House. But in the end, all we could do was come out and move. After news of the new leader traveling abroad

September 18, 2023 from 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. at Suntara Wellness Resort & Spa, located at 5/2 Moo 1, Khlong Na Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chachoengsao Province, group of entrepreneurs truck which is led by Mr. Apichat Phairungruang, President of the Land Transport Federation of Thailand, Mr. Chitrakorn Phadetsuek, President of the Chachoengsao Chamber of Commerce, organized a gathering to talk with 64 transport operators and held a press conference to discuss the problems of the operators.

After the price of NGV gas, the selling price at service stations increased from 18.59 baht per kilogram to 19.59 baht per kilogram at dawn (5:00 a.m.) on September 16, 2023. By Mrs. Sunantha Suksanguan, 60 years old, a transport operator in Chachoengsao Province who uses NGV fuel in more than 80 trucks and is also the owner of 3 NGV gas pumps in Chachoengsao Province. Said that on September 15, 2023, he received notification from a giant energy company. which is a major shareholder and has been ordered by the government to adjust the selling price of NGV gas.

Let's come together to demand justice.

From the price of 18.59 baht per kg. to selling at the price of 19.59 baht per kg. and also informed that in the middle of the month This December, there may be another increase to 20.59 baht per kg., contrary to other energy prices. Both electricity and diesel which has been reduced according to government policy Therefore, I would like to ask for justice from the relevant agencies. Quickly find a way to help the business survive. This matter will be sent to Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, through the Land Transport Federation of Thailand. Know the problems of transport operators from the rising price of NGV gas.

Mrs. Sunantha Suksa-nguan

They also said that NGV gas originally arose from a pump price of 8.50 baht per kg. It was an alternative energy that the government in the era of Thaksin Shinawatra, former prime minister, Encourage entrepreneurs to use it because they can drill it themselves in Thailand without having to import it. In the midst of the price of diesel that had to be imported, the price was as high as 45 baht per liter at that time (2002), causing the truck and public transport sectors to Almost all of them turned to using alternative energy in 2005.

Close to breaking 20 baht

causing gas refill stations at that time to be unable to keep up with the amount of cars which has changed to using NGV gas energy until causing heavy traffic jams in front of the gas station But today, a major gas wholesaler company Has secretly increased the price continuously. continuously Without informing the operators or the people who use the gas before, the price has reached 18.59 baht, and most recently 2 days ago it was increased by 1 baht to the price of 19.59 baht per kilogram. It has continued to rise 3 times every 4 months.

NGV people are angry

While the price of diesel is falling at this time, it is considered to be the opposite. When comparing the fuel consumption rate per kilometer, it is considered that the transportation costs are the same. If the price of diesel fuel is sold at 35 baht per liter, the price of NGV gas should be sold at no more than 17 baht per kg., but currently it has gone up to 19.59 baht. In addition, diesel fuel has now been reduced in price to sell at 32 baht per liter. fraction of a baht, and on the 20th, it will drop to more than 30 baht, causing operators using NGV gas, approximately 300,000 vehicles, to be tired at the time of competitive bidding. Because they are at a greater disadvantage than diesel users, who have more than 400,000 vehicles.

Because of the higher gas prices It is not in accordance with the agreement that was made since the initial sales price adjustment, that is, the price per kilogram will not exceed half of the price of diesel per liter. For the reason that gas vehicles require higher maintenance than diesel vehicles. With this agreement, it is the reason that we turn to using NGV gas. This price increase has caused the entire cycle of NGV gas users to suffer, including the 344 gas service stations throughout the country.

full circle impact

In addition, the price of other energy areas such as electricity has also been reduced from 4.68 baht per unit to 4.10 on September 1, 2023. Therefore, the policy that previously certified NGV gas users as alternative energy Choose when The “Thaksin government” therefore has to come and make demands. After this, a letter will be sent to Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and the Ministry of Energy. Through the Chamber of Commerce and the Land Transport Federation, Mrs. Sunantha said.


Mr. Apichart said that transport operators using NGV gas energy are like being a concubine. Amidst the cost of electricity and various oil prices that is gradually decreasing Therefore, I would like to leave you with this message: do not abandon this group of Cinderella children. Therefore, I would like the government to take the price of NGV into consideration as well. Since chicken theft has risen to 19.59 baht from the price of 8.50 baht, I would like to call for a look at the suffering of the transportation sector that uses alternative energy.

Mr. Apichat Phairungruang

Because the project to support the use of NGV gas occurred during the reign of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra when he was the Prime Minister, it was initiated by himself in 2004-2005 after the price of diesel fuel rose very high, so PTT was invited to look at the energy aspect. Options to support Until finally, a policy was issued to turn to using NGV gas instead. In the past, there have been many problems. From the gas wholesale company I have always tried to find a way to ask for a price increase.

Until finally, the Land Transport Operators Association of Thailand In which he was the president of the association, at that time he went to make an MOU with the gas wholesaler company to increase the price. But it must not be more than half the price of 1 liter of diesel per 1 kg of gas. But today we were tricked into raising the gas price without any prior announcement. And also concluded that in December 2023 it will increase again to 20.59 baht per kg.

Entrepreneurs are in serious trouble

Even though the transportation sector that uses energy on one side has a chance to decrease. But another sector has not been reduced. It is the same transport of goods. And it is the blood vessel of the country as well. Instead, they were discriminated against like this. Therefore, I would like to send a message to Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Energy, to help consider the problems in this area. Even though the previous government was a supporter. But in the end, they came back and increased the price until we couldn’t live together.

Dead end, NGV transport

Before we adjusted to using NGV gas as a fuel, We have invested a lot. The engine had to be modified from diesel to use NGV fuel, and some people also ordered imported cars from abroad. But in the end, it was about to be destroyed. Therefore, I would like to leave this message to this government as well.

Preparing to invade the Ministry of Energy

By the first time He intended to go and find the Prime Minister. But I heard the news that Mr. Settha was going to travel abroad. If we wait for him to come back and then inform him of the matter, he probably won’t be in time. Therefore came together to press conference today. Since there are still several Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers still working, especially the Energy Minister, I would like to leave you with the message that they are prepared to welcome you as well. Because he will soon travel in and ask to meet Mr. Apichart said.

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