worth more than 66 million! Destroyed more than 60,000 non-standard industrial products

worth more than 66 million! Destroyed more than 60,000 non-standard industrial products
worth more than 66 million! Destroyed more than 60,000 non-standard industrial products

Friday 26 May 2023, 7:09 p.m.

NBTC together with the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) destroyed more than 60,000 non-standard industrial products, worth more than 66 million baht.

Central Bureau of Investigation (CIB) by the Crime Suppression Division On Consumer Protection (Bor Por Kor Kor.) under the direction of Pol.Lt.Gen. Pol.Col. Warit Patumarak, superintendent 3. Industrial Product Standards Institute (TISI) has integrated together to prevent industrial products from that is not up to standard to reach consumers and suppression of manufacturers, importers, distributors of unauthorized industrial products Continuously licensed or non-standard For the safety and benefit of consumers is important.

On May 26, 2023, police officers Kor Kor. As Chairman of the Industrial Product Standards Committee (TISI), Mr. Banchong Sukritha, Secretary General of the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) and executives from SCG Cement Co., Ltd. Map Ta Phut Power Plant Eco-Energy Plant participated in the destruction ceremony Industrial products that do not meet standards at SCG Cement Company Limited, Map Ta Phut Eco-Energy Plant Power Plant, Rayong Province. Many items such as power banks, toys, gas lighters, electrical appliances for skin and hair care, irons, speakers with amplifiers, grills, toaster ovens, microwave ovens, electric fans, electric rice cookers, suki pots, socket outlets, power strips, frying pans. Electricity, showers, faucets, helmets, motorcycle exhaust pipes, baby nipples, toys, food wrapping film, batteries, etc., totaling more than 60,000 pieces, totaling over 66 million baht.

for the process of destroying non-standard products Received cooperation from SCG Cement Co., Ltd. Map Ta Phut Power Plant Eco-Energy Plant, which is an industrial waste disposal plant and a power generation unit that can accommodate various types and sizes of industrial waste both dangerous and harmless, with every step of the operation process being a closed system There is a pollution and waste control system according to international standards. Since receiving industrial waste from entrepreneurs Transportation to the sorting point to prepare for disposal Entering the elimination process by gasification technology together with ash melting (Gasification with Ash Melting), in which the scrap materials from the combustion such as aluminum, steel, fly ash can also be reused. Incombustible materials can be used as raw materials instead of road construction. will cause no more industrial waste to be disposed of In addition to the material can can be used for other benefits. according to circular economy principles

The Central Investigative Police (CIB) would like to warn consumers when purchasing electrical appliances. within the household Most of which are products that are mandatory to comply with the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TIS). They should choose to buy quality products with the TIS mark. which must be allowed to have TIS can be obtained from the Buyer’s Guide on the website of the Thai Standards Institute. Industrial Products (TISI) www.tisi.go.th And if the public sees or has a clue about the importation, production, storage or smuggling of non-TIS products, they can report clues or information via the Kor.Phor.Khor.Or.Or. Kor. Hotline number 1135 or Facebook: Crime Suppression Division. Misconduct about consumer protection / NACC warns consumers Contact channels for more information: Pol. Lt. Col. Thongchan Tanbooncharoen, Deputy Superintendent 3, B.C.C. 086- 9617914

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