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Includes box-shaped house plans For those who like straight, modern lines – Home and Garden


A collection of box-shaped house designs, beautiful and livable designs for those who like the simplicity of geometric shapes with straight lines that look modern. There are 25 designs to choose from. Scroll to see the beautiful pictures.

One-story modern house Escape to private nature Peaceful according to the rural way

  • Owner: Mr. Maxime Gheysen and Mr. Rattikarn Kongyai
  • Design: blank studio

box shaped house Single floor, modern style Located amidst wide open land. Surrounded by a refreshing environment and nature. While the main living space in the house is only a living room, size approximately 5×10 meters, 1 main bedroom and 1 spare bedroom, the living room is designed to look like it has been separated into a room with glass walls on 4 sides to experience the scenery. Or open the door to let in cool breezes and sunlight all around. while the bedroom is arranged in a section quite closed Choose to cover some of the walls with glass to let in light and provide a beautiful view. With solid black stone walls running through it, connecting the space to create continuity. It also acts as a wall to create access from the outside to the inside of the house >> Read more


A one-story house that reuses old wood in a modern language.

  • Owner: Jai Pan family
  • Architect: Onhill Design & Construction by Mr. Phatt Hanpipat and Mr. Saksit Wongwattanakul
  • Engineer and Construction: Mr. Thiraphong Hanpipat

Single-storey house, size 200 square meters, suitable for a large family of up to 6 people, but can be proportionally arranged for living together. along with personal space and surrounding green areas home perfectly The design was created by making wooden lattice box walls protruding from the white house to create a privacy boundary for the interior space and reduce the hardness of the white building. Until it becomes a design that makes the house beautiful and outstanding. The interior is designed to have a garden in the middle of the house to separate the resting areas of two families. Then try to create boundaries of various angles. By lowering the floor level only slightly instead of closing the walls. Makes the house still open but still has a sense of privacy >> Read more

box shaped house

One-story box house next to the water In a very relaxing atmosphere

  • Owner: Mr. Phongthep Tangsakul
  • Decoration: Big Club Company Limited

A small vacation home in Chiang Rai Province that is designed as box shaped house Simple white rectangular design. Open the window wide open. Get natural views in all directions. See nature around A house that changes over time and raise the floor of the house high from the ground so that you can see the surrounding view from a high angle >> read more

box shaped house
white bedroom

Box-shaped one-story house reflect nature

  • Owner: Ms. Suphannee Wijitpawan and Ms. Khajee Ketchumphon
  • Designer: Khun Khajee Ketchumphon

A small, square box-shaped one-story house. There are clear glass walls all around so that the glass connects the outside nature into the inside of the house and also reflects the natural view back and forth. The interior emphasizes the use of real wood materials for almost all decorations. Most of the wood is old accumulated wood, a combination of teak and oak. Make the atmosphere inside the house warm >> Read more

box shaped house
wooden bedroom

Baan Klong Ing Noen

  • Owner: Ms. Nonglak Ainsworth and Mr. Nick Ainsworth
  • Design – Decoration: KLICKKEN STUDIO by Mr. Peeradej Narasethakorn

This box-shaped one-story house with a polished concrete structure is likely to be the dream vacation home of many people. Because it is on an open hill, the long rectangular shape of the house looks striking. There are wide mirrors all around the house. So you can see the view from every room. The interior is decorated with furniture which is the owner’s collection. Arrange them as necessary to leave the rest of the space looking open and comfortable for the eyes >> Read more

box shaped house

One-story house, comfortable for people of retirement age.

  • Owner: Air Chief Marshal Tavidens – Ms. Sarinee Angsusingh
  • Architects: AA+A by Mr. Thanatkiat Jongkriangkrai and Ms. Kanokkan Heng Udomsap

The house is shaped like a white square box with a simple design. Designed to enable retired homeowners to live happily all day. and supports future lifestyles that may require the use of a wheelchair. The house plan is divided into 2 parts: day and night use. Divide usage by a longitudinal partition. including dining, washing, and kitchen areas, with the distance between the walls wide enough for a wheelchair There is a drain inside if water spills. Homeowners can enjoy various activities. Can be found in every corner of the house without having to worry about future repairs Because it was emphasized to the designers to make the house comfortable and durable. Works well in the long term >> Read more

box shaped house
dining room

A single-storey house in a modern style, very neat and clean, that will turn every day into a day of relaxation.

  • Owner: Mr. Sittichoke – Mr. Patchamon Techasirinukul
  • Interior design and decoration: Architecture of my own (AOMO) by Mr. Siwichai Udomworanun

box shaped house Single floor, modern style Designed to suit the tropical weather. Outside, there is a terrace to sit and enjoy the breeze and watch the koi fish. The interior is neatly decorated with an emphasis on open and airy spaces. To live every day like a vacation >> Read more

box shaped house
living room

Modern minimalist house, designed with 7 courts that let in light and diffuse air.

  • Owner: Khun Oil – Khun Pipe
  • Architectural design-interior design: POAR (Patchara + Ornnicha Architecture Co.,Ltd.)
  • Engineer: Basic Design Co.,Ltd.
  • Lighting design: LIGHT IS

modern minimalist house Designed in a box shape with smooth lines. The interior space is clear. The openings were cut into 7 courtyards to allow light and wind to enter. Create a good environment inside the home >> Read more

box shaped house
black bathroom

White house saves energy Hide the warmth inside

  • Owner: Ms. Pitchiniya – Ms. Naruecha Kuwattanapasiri
  • Architect: Ilikedesignstudio by Mr. Naruecha Kuwattanaphasiri

The square white house looks simple, hidden by small openings, while the inside emphasizes an open and airy view because it’s like hollowing out the middle of the building inside, turning it into a U-shaped house with a court of trees. in the middle Open the channel to allow wind to flow into the building from the southwest. Make a solid wall to block heat on the desired side. Growing vegetables on the rooftop is a green space. and installing a solar cell system to use as energy during work. In addition, it is designed to reduce unnecessary things and use space efficiently, mixed with a sense of calmness in Japanese style >> Read more

box shaped house
Rooftop garden

bare concrete house Simple white box shape

  • Owner – Designer: Mr.Yutthapoom Paochinda
  • Architect: Green Space Architect Co., Ltd. by Ms. Kritsada Ponsap

This cement house is like a large white box floating above a green grassy hill. This was caused by filling in nearly 2 meters of original soil with a gray-black bare cement wall separating it. It acts like a base for the white building to maintain privacy within the residence, which is almost entirely covered with clear glass. Because the owner likes the transparency of the glass wall. Therefore, the building was designed to be aligned along the north-south direction. The west side of the house, which is the hottest, is made of a double solid wall. to protect from heat With a high and wide opening that lets in a cool breeze. Blows through from the front of the house to the back of the house, passing through each other without opacity >> Read more

box shaped house
cement kitchen

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